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    I'm new to internet marketing and I love it, but I am not where I want to be yet. I have 20+ websites, most of them setup using WordPress. I have utilized Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing to make a little bit of money so far. I have also experimented with several other campaigns in the way of parked domains, flipping websites, ppc, Social Media, blogging, etc. I am familiar with many aspect of Internet Marketing. However, I'm not making the money I want to be making and I don't feel like buying 100 more domains and putting the time and effort to make pennies to a couple bucks a day with them. Most of my sites are keyword rich domains ranking number one or close to it for the main keyword. I am very familiar with how to research keywords and social bookmarking, backlinks and getting it to the top. I realize that some of my domains aren't getting the searches I was expecting and some aren't ranking as high as I want. Ultimately, I want someone to help me. I'm intelligent and learn quickly. I know I'm missing some insider tips/tricks. I work a $10 an hour job doing tech support for DirecTV and although I don't mind it, it's not my idea of a successful career.

    Here's my proposal. I have paid for many domains and hosting and have many affiliates I've been approved for as well as Adsense. I also have accounts for PPC with Bing and Google. I have domain flipping accounts, domain parking accounts. Twitter, FB pages, Websites, you name it. A lot of the groundwork has been done and I need to implement it to be more profitable. I want someone to work with me for 2 months with 10 campaigns, be it websites, affiliate marketing, PPC or whatever we agree on. I have invested the money for my sites and I am willing to give whoever helps me 70% revenue sharing for LIFE for those 10 campaigns. In doing so, I am confident this will pave the way for me to go on my own and run a successful business. I am very stingy at this point on investing too much more money until I see some progress. However, if I do, it will come out of my pocket and you will still retain your 70% revenue sharing. The idea is to avoid spending money here and to make money, so keep that in mind when contacting me.

    I have experience in a wide variety of areas from programming to blogging, technical to design and many other areas. I adapt well and I am greedy. Anyone that is willing to help, please send me a message and we can talk over a strategy plan. You have no financial investment and 70% of all revenue for these 10 campaigns for LIFE. You will have full access to revenue reports as well to show I'm not skimming. Please message me if you are interested. I'm not opposed to the idea of becoming permanent partners if this all works out and we decide that's something we want to explore. Thank You!
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    Keep working, try new methods, don't give up. If a few methods such as website flipping don't work it doesn't mean you aren't going to make money with any other methods.
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