I'm New To SEO, This Is My Plan To Try And Develop A Website

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    I'm a 15 year old student from New Zealand who has been interested in SEO for a while, the only problem is that I've never taken action, and when I have, I'd do it for a day then give up.

    I originally began taking money making online seriously in late March this year. I began eWhoring which has made me close to $2k which isn't bad considering I usually do it for like 1-2 hours a day sometimes. Getting sales on this is hard though and there can be days where I make $0, that is partially why I want to get started with this, because then I'd have a so-called "stable income."

    For the past few days, I've been thinking about a plan to try and get number one on Google. I want to open a dropshipping site that sells stuff such as smartwatches, USB sticks etc. at a fairly decent price. I obviously don't mean selling at a low markup when I say decent, I mean staying competitive and trying to maximise profit using this site.

    So this is my game plan:

    - I intend on buying a domain using GoDaddy since they charge only $1.25 for a cheap .com domain.

    - I will use hosting I have already since I'm fiscally conservative. Though, if the site does reach number one on Google, I will look at buying hosting just for it.

    - I will be using Wordpress and a variation of plugins on the main website to make it look as professional as possible.

    - I intend on designing the site, getting it up, then taking advantage of services such as Blogger, Tumblr or Wordpress to make blog posts with 500 words or more that backlink to my website. I will open a few of these depending on what I sell, e.g. I open a smartwatch blog that talks about the smartwatch category on my site, meanwhile I simultaneously open another blog that focuses on the USB drives I sell. This step is what originally confused me when reading up SEO guides originally and it's what stopped me from taking any further action. I feel more confident and understanding of this step though.

    - I will create a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram page that links back to my website as well. I will post images of the items I sell on my websites to hopefully to get another source of nice traffic.


    - I haven't decided on what website I want to use for dropshipping. Aliexpress looks really sexy, but they don't seem to accept PayPal which could be a problem. I do have a bank and a credit card, but I'm not too confident about using it for Aliexpress, though my mind could change. For now I'm thinking about just taking advantage of Ebay and buying stuff from there, even if it's a bit more higher than what it is on Aliexpress, I should be still making a decent profit regardless.

    If you have any suggestions, please send them to me.

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