IM methods people are using 2015/2016 and a free google adwords alternative?

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    Yes I am new here, No I am not a complete noob but I have failed in trying to find a workable method to earn a few hundred a day.

    This isn't a resume or a plea for someone to help me make some money. I know it takes persistence. And I know it takes time.

    This is just a shout out to say that I am here, I am able, I have the resources, 32 gigs of ram, I can have a thousand chrome tabs open at once without a stutter, I have 3 VPNs on my network to bypass IP address limitations and when they run out I can use proxies. I have a handful of emails, and twitter accounts. I can create my own graphics using Photoshop videos using Sony Vegas and get a lot of my software from TPB. I'm not your average Joe who wants to make some money without knowing anything about anything. I can spot a scam or an affiliate marketer who wants to take advantage of a person's desperation of wanting to make money. In fact there are a lot of those here! What I don't know is how to implement methods and execute them effectively.

    I am literally on my PC looking for a method I can implement from dusk till dawn for the past 4 month from wake up to go to sleep since I quit my job at the start of this year. Money is not a problem because I have enough saved up. This isn't out of desperation if I was desperate I would have to a 9 - 5 job right now and doing this as soon as I come home. I don't have a life and I'm 25 now so I am really past the point of caring to get one. I just want to make a living for me that abides by my philosophy.

    My Philosophy = The path from birth to death that most people take is an idea that was implemented by the masses through brainwash (TV, Movies, media, friends etc) its all some people know especially when they aren't given any alternative options growing up. The common path: Birth, School, College, Work, marriage, Death. I could go on about this in depth but not today...

    I am currently in the middle of a project right now with twitter, slowly building a following in a niche but after a few weeks I see Twitter is not the best for long term IM ...People follow you then forget they followed you. So you have all these followers but no one is listening to you. Maybe I am using it wrong. I can't find a method to implement and start earning a decent amount of money and I want to learn what the pros do. I'm not the guy who wants 5 grand this week because IM is easy I know its difficult especially when methods get saturated and high authority sites are getting more strict.

    My idea was instead of trying to go alone at something I wanted to work with someone (NOT a mentor) but a partner or a group of people maybe 3 or 4 to start working on something like a joint venture. This way multiple inputs, ideas are thrown in the pool, the work is distributed evenly. Something like we work together to raise the profile of a brand in a niche, and then monetize from said brand. (that would be putting it in the most simplest terms). I guess the biggest barrier here would be trust. But I am sure there is something out there that is a viable option. 2 heads are better than 1...
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    looks good....just take action as quickly as possible !
    don't wait for anything !
    All the best

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    Read your post and I am in a similar situation. I agree.

    One thing I disagree with is the joint venture part. You can just do it yourself and ask questions here for the most part