IM Masterminding Group - LÔÔking for 4 Members To Form A Mastermind

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    Hey Everyone,

    Masterminding may not be for you if:

    Gee, I can't think of a single reason why a Master Minding group would be
    the wrong thing for a committed business owner. Unless you have a crabby
    attitude, you don't like people at all, you always look for the worst, you
    don't care about doing anything with your life, and, you would rather
    spend the rest of your life downloading stuff and not doing much with it or
    even worse yet, sitting on the sofa watching endless hours of reality TV
    while munching on junk food and feeling guilty for the wasted time.

    If you have real emotional or mental health problems. Problems that truly
    need the help of a professional therapist ? MasterMinding is not a substitute
    for that kind of professional care. Take care of yourself first and then when
    you're ready ? come back to join a MasterMinding for Success group.

    The above paragraphs were taken almost in their entirety from here:

    If you passed that, but you do not really know what masterminding is and
    what it can do for you I would recommend you to read "Think and Grow
    Rich" by Napoleon Hill... as far as I know he was the first one to mention
    "masterminding" in methodical way.

    You can watch a small video of the man himself talking about it here:

    Here is a very article about it too:

    On those 3 sites above you will learn a lot about masterminding.

    Okay, here we go:

    I am looking for 4 right individuals to create our "IM Mastermind group".

    For those interested, let me set some guidelines so we can have the highest benefit possible from the get go:

    1. I'd prefer that you have some knowledge of how it best works
    2. I'd prefer that you are in my same zone (EST)
    3. 90 minutes availability once or twice a week to meet over tele/web conference (preferably Saturdays/Tuesdays late night)
    4. Have a burning desire to make IM happen in a big way
    5. Have intermediate or higher knowledge of IM in general
    6. Accountability is a must
    Disclaimer: I have never been part of such a group before but I have been wanting to find the right people to create one for quite some time now. Just now I decided to take some action towards it.

    *I will update this post as soon as I fulfill the four slots.

    Looking forward to hear from you,

    Have a great one :worm3:
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