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    While browsing this site I've noticed a great deal of journals aren't finished. I'm guessing that the IMer who started the topic lost interest halfway through. I thought of an idea to make things a bit exciting. And this is to have some kind of race/contest between IMers to see who can make the most money with a brand new website by the end of the month. Anyone have any rules or suggestions for this kind of thing? So far all I have are:

    What?- All of the sites will be Amazon sites. You can have adsense ads on the site too if you want. You can including your adsense earnings into your final monthly earnings.

    Proof of Income- In order to provide proof of income all participants should record themselves (with a desktop recording application) going to Amazon and viewing the figures.

    Winner- The winner gets to acquire ALL of his/her opponents websites.

    I'm a very competitive person but I tend to lose interest in things halfway through. Back when I was a web designer I would have alot of unfinished projects. However, if I was competing with someone I'd probably go out of my way to make sure I win/finish.

    What do you guys think?