I'm Buying (Maybe) 10 (Ten) Servers ...

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    I'm gonna post this quick, I've got a meeting to get to here in a few. I'll respond later this evening. Wanted to get the ball rolling though on some good responses... Long story short, A friend of mine's uncle just died a few weeks ago and his assets are in probate. The probate custodian asked my friend if he knew of a buyer for the electronics out of the uncles home office(s). Of course he asked me what I'd pay... Essentially, I passed on the standard stuff. A ratty HP pc, usb surround, Linksys router etc... you know, regular home equipment. I probably shot myself in the foot buy not getting the PC (which probably has software that gives me an idea of what the servers were for).... But anywho.. I don't even know the exact models of them. I know there are ten of them... five in each of the two (server cabs?)... There are two things that look to be strictly temperature/cooling typ boxes.. (thermo sensors running into each server's vents) which toggle some type of super cold air fans. then there is a 13th box that all the others connect to and that connects to a vertical standing box that looks like a desktop tower..... from that tower was connected a standard home router... But anywho..

    Like I said, I don't know the brands or models yet, but I do know they are less than nine months old... 3.0 ghz each and 8gigs ddr2, 1Tb hard drive... At $1,000 I figure I could gut them if I can't put them to work.

    Now, I've sold hosting before, and managed a Cpanel at the admin level of management.... But other than that, I have zero clue and networking and what can be done. Maybe this is the wrong section , if so, please move it... I am looking for some idea as to what a rack server is good for... Black or Whitehat... If you had this setup, how do you exploit it to make the most money without spending more than 5K on the project...