I'm beginning to semantic search coming into play

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    I work for a company who's had problems with the auto suggest, it's taken me a few months to tackle the 'scam' problem but I've finally pushed the negative terms so far down you cannot see them. However what I've recently noticed is "company name fraud" appearing in related searches, when i click through to search this page there is not highlighted mention on the word fraud, but instead I'm seeing scam highlighted in the listings - this suggests that Google is displaying near the same results for the words 'scam' and 'fraud' even though 'fraud' isn't mentioned in any of the results pages. Semantic search coming into play?

    Also If you need auto suggest optimization, send me a PM I've got tool which can manipulate it. (heads up, auto suggest results depend heavily on user search patterns, but just a mass of raw searches)

    As far as i can see Google has group 'fraud' and 'scam' in the same semantics group, so your trying to remove a possible 'fraud' term, you may also want to tackle 'scam' at the same time.
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    A product of all content being analysed and Google making some stupid assumptions - particularly synonym wise.

    My guess is that 2009 - Links were 80% of the ranking factor for your site and content 20%
    I would say it's now 60-40 but Google have made some massive assumptions and mistakes making this wind change
    It's association and synonym algorithms are complete crap. Designed to be CPU efficient rather than actually any good.