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    I'm primarily a content writer and I'm pretty comfortable with SEO techniques, spinning articles etc, but I know that isn't enough to create a successful website. The problem is, I know next to nothing about most other areas of IM.

    Instead of going full-on noob and making a stupid thread like ‘how to html' i thought I'd ask where to find the information I'll need.

    So what (preferably free) resources are there to look at for the basics of html, web design and whatever else a newbie should know before delving into black hat techniques? Might be useful for other new members too.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Learning HTML or PHP will take a significant amount of time. Most people here myself included use WordPress. It's really easy, you can find a million themes online including paid ones for free in the Downloads section.

    If you really want to learn HTML or any other coding language it will prove to be effective but not sure how relevant it is to making money online since you can do pretty much the same with wordpress or any other site building format. Try for tutorials. Even though I am an avid wordpress user it helps to know a little html. Whenever I get stuck that's where I go to figure out the proper code!

    Hope this helped.

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    you can learn many basic thing on youtube