- any ideas?


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Aug 22, 2009
iv got this domain, thats been sitting going to a waste, it redirects to an ipad offer right now, but i know its got the potential for something more then that..

iv got a couple of ideas, but nothing that makes me hear chaching..

any suggestions?
Maybe social networking or dating/chat or some crap like that? I hear this social networking crap is really hot with the kids these days.

Or maybe an iPod fansite/shoppe or some business like that. I know a lot of marketing people jumped on the iPad earlier this year, but I noticed that there's some "iLuv" product for iPod's that a lot of people mis-spell as "iLuve". I think the iPad is a very different demographic from the iPod's, and maybe refocusing the site on mp3-player accessories and affiliates or something along those lines would do better.

Either that or midget pr0n.
midget porn sounds good! =D

haha thanks.. i was thinkin something along those lines, then i thot maybe sumthin like digg, but not much of a point trying to compete against bookmarking sites unless u have atleast 1 thing unique...

iv got another idea... but thanks for the input.. appreciated :)
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