IG removed my photo. Reason: nudity

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    I Googled the problem, seems like lots of people have problem with this since it's not clear what is considered nudity.
    Chelsea Handler is having a war with IG since last month. http://www.etonline.com/news/153308_chelsea_handler_makes_a_statement_with_topless_photo_nsfw/
    Also, this girl got an apology: http://www.today.com/health/we-made...es-after-removing-plus-size-womans-2D79698532

    A few minutes ago, IG notified me they removed 1 of my pictures. Still, my pictures aren't showing female nipples or a*s.
    Also, I have 300 pictures! It's annoying that they're not showing which one! Any hope of finding out via contacting them?

    Some users (haters/competition/etc) are probably reporting my pictures & 1 of them got lots of reports, I guess.
    Should I be worried for my account? After how many removed photos can one account get banned? Three, maybe?
    Also, if I can't get an answer from IG, how can I identify which one's deleted? I have an archive on my computer
    of all the posted pictures (so I can use them for some other/new accounts). Any "IG picture downloader" available?

    Thanks in advance for the replies. :)
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