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IG+ adsense

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by R0meo, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. R0meo

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    Nov 5, 2011
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    Hey, best regards to all of you.

    I am currently into SEO +monetizing with adsense. (been doing that for the last 3 years) I am doing quite well, getting 500-600usd/day.

    anyway, trying to break into social marketing (instagram at the moment) just to diversify my income (as seo becoming more and more unstable as days go by).

    And my question is how much can 100k IG account make on average monetizing with adsense. I know its a noobish thing to ask, as so many variable involved. Bust just to narrow things down a bit : lets say in is sport/fitness niche and traffic is mostly from tier1.

    I know it still stupid question, cos it is very hard to predict such things, but don't treat my as noob (if you plan to answer this thread). I am looking for any insights, such as "how engaged are IG users, what CTR it brings etc etc.

    i grow 5 main accs at the moment, all just about to reach 10k followers. I don't want to monetize them until they hit 100k. ( cos my main focus and income are from seo).

    most of you guys do cpa thingy with IG, thing is - i hate cpa, so my plan is to make legit website, drive traffic from IG and monetize with adsense.

    any insight on this would be great for me. Thank you.