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    I know this have been discussed million times. But i couldn't find the answer.

    If i will create the site which looks similar to original (freebie zip/email submit ) but without requirements Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

    Just clean page with image from original site and iframed email submit form. Will this increase conversion rate? Visitor still interested in (lets say free iPhone) but he just don't know about requirements. I think he more likely to convert at the end, then incetivized visitor.

    Main question will this increase conversion rate?

    original screen http://imgur.com/ayvz8.jpg
    clean version http://imgur.com/UUZM4.jpg


    p.s. btw sorry for my english. :)
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    im trying to understand
    where did the iphone landing page come from?

    why wouldn't u just use the original?

    it really is up to the landing page ur using, if its gonna increase conversions or not, not necessarily how u do it.

    test each version...