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Feb 7, 2009
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I remember seeing somewhere that some peopel were paying big money for iframe breakers. Is this true? if so i have one, and its not the hardest thing to code. dont know why everyone is going googoo over it.
I also have one. It opens the web page and filters out the frame break code before displaying it.
^ mind telling me how its done? have tried for a long time with no success
use this to break iframe
Pretty sure gh0st (and I) meant that he has code that stops iframe breakers.
yeah actually thats what i meant...dont know if i said it wrong...what i wanted was a anti-iframe breaker.....and thats something i've not been able to get
thats cool...so if used for a cpa offer, it cant be completed?
I have only tested it on a CPA offer once. That offer only had frame breaking code on the first page. The second and third didnt have breaking code and stayed in the iframe.

The code can probably be rewritten to reload the frame every time and always not allow the breaking code to execute.
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