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    Well here is a little method I just thought of for you email submit fanatics.

    The new apple iSlate was shown off yesterday and everything has been flying around about it. Lets start a little win an iSlate incent. Remember to use only incent offers so you can collect your cash.

    1.Get a domain relating to the iSlate, they are kind of hard to find right now but you might have to use a .info
    2.throw up a landing page Win an iSlate with a few nice graphics and use this video that looks like you "have" the islate right under the iframed email submit.Gauranteed to help out conversions. hxxp://www.youtube.c0m/watch?v=wnxGNwifqLQ
    3.iFrame your email submit and your ready to roll.
    4. youtube iSlate videos with Win an iSlate with ur url should do great for traffic right now, also I bet google ppc is pretty damn low for keyword terms relating to islate. You can go a step further and rank for some great iSlate keyword pretty esily right now. You have to remember you cant keyword research the iSlate real well the buzz has only been flying for a couple of days now. So just think about what you would type in google for information about the iSlate and reach for those keywords.
    5.cash in, hope this works for you guys.