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    Being a webmaster, I have a bunch of websites under my control :)

    I was thinking to leverage that so that i can increase hits/ranks for a personal site.

    A couple of questions though!

    a) I added iframes to all those sites and my daily page visits went up considerably. I have google analytics on my site. Does anyone agree that a high number of page visits increases the curiosity of Google's page ranking algorithm or is mostly number of links and relevant content that determines your page rank.

    b) Can anyone guide me to what I can do to add links of my site onto these othersites without arousing any suspicions? Some people have mentioned cloacking?! is that just simply adding my link to their code and show it only when a spider is looking at it??

    c) I had to remove my iframe code on some sites because some public complained to the owner that "i think there is a virus on your website". which came down to me from the owner. I told him i will look into it and had to remove my iframes from some of those sites.

    any idea how that could have happened?

    the way i insert my iframe is...

    using jquery..
    i insert a div "<div id="clr"></div>
    then i insert my iframe inside that div
    and then after 3 seconds.. remove the <div id="Clr"> which removes the iframe as well.

    so advantage is that the iframe is never part of the sourcecode
    and also it gets remove after 3 seconds (which is enough to register a hit on my site though).