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    Okay guys, still sort of noobish when it comes to CPA and offers.

    So basically i have a niche site that i send PPC traffic to for the purpose of filling out a lead form ( as of now its building up an email list to email my monthly service too).

    But i was thinking about replacing that lead form with an offer, or actually a series of offers. One after another.

    Do networks allow me to:

    A) Use PPC traffic? (Legit)
    B) Allow me to iFrame an offer, or series of offers ( slightly misleading, because they would be expecting a result- however the result will be emailed to them).

    Any suggestions about if this is possible, if networks do allow things like this? The offer would be iFramed and CUT off the actual images and content OTHER THAN THE LEAD FORM.

    Because I currently pay .05-.06 Per Click and about 50-60% of the visitors fill out the current form. So im assuming if i swap the form to an offer say one that pays $1.65 per lead and I send 1000 visitors and 500 fill out that form thats 500x1.65= $825.

    Is this to good to be true? what types of things should I try to implement and what types of things do i need to change or look out for?

    I posted this in the wrong section - So i copied and pasted. If this is again in the wrong section please notify me.

    Thanks all!