If the Internet stops


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May 13, 2010
What if the Internet stops?
I am from Europe and this are the fact:

1. We are preparing for war with Iran, my country like the other EU country's support war with Iran
2. 1 million reservist are summoned in secret for "routine checks"
3. Ration stamps are being printed for the population
4. War will start in 2 months according to the officials

If a war with so many people will start the world consequences will be enormous, all gucii and rolex replica's won't mater like my beautiful backlinks.

Then all my SEO efforts will be for nothing, no one will the interested about buying stuff, and in the worst case scenario the Internet will stop (because of war damages on the nodes or the obama internet kill switch).

What will you do when the war starts and all the money and effort that you put to build your sites is nothing?

On a lighter note I won't go to war because there will be so many women to protect
The "internet kill switch?"...because it's all 1 system that controls everything. LOL
Some estimates have the internet accounting for a quarter of global GDP. War with Iran will mean WWIII and with it, $300-500 oil.

So yeah, income plummets and the price of daily necessities skyrockets.

"What will you do when the war starts and all the money and effort that you put to build your sites is nothing?"

Spam like crazy till they turn it off. There will be lots of linkbait opportunities.

After that, reading lots of books while I wait it out.
If Obama hit the internet-off switch, his approval rating would plummet b/c he'd basically be killing thousands of jobs. No way I can ever see him doing that. I don't think the bill has been approved yet anyway.

I would think this bill would be denied as being unconstitutional but we'll see.
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Internet will be all rebuild in 2 weeks from other servers:)
Anyway American goverment earn to much from it, to stop it:D
There are 8 locations which would need to be taken out for the Internet to "go down". Most likely a war could lead to a slow down in the Internet, but no country could take down the Internet. Even if those 8 locations went down the Internet would still exist, just in a fragmented/super slow state.

On a separate note there are a few hackers who have found these nodes, and can take down the Internet.

FYI: I read about this a few years back, so there are probably more then 8 location now days.
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europe's been talking about a war with iran for how long now? No doubt Russia's gonna be the biggest gainer, but yea, the internet is not about to go anywhere
If the Internet stops then people won't have the ability to publish funny comments on Obama's youtube channel anymore.
I don't see the internet ever stopping, but it could definitely become a war zone itself. Like it was stated, 90% of business is now run online. It would make complete sense for our enemies to attempt to cripple all of that.

The better question though... how can you profit from WWIII if it ever happened?
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