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    Okay, So I've been on the affiliate marketing scene for about a month-ish now...I've delved through the threads of many Affiliate marketing forums, read many E-books, and applied many methods, I'm pretty sure I've got a rudimentary grasp of how internet marketing works.

    I was wondering the degree of difficulty one would have to surmount in order to get a product you created on clickbank?

    -There are a few profitable niches that I know quite a bit about (I'm talking enough to write a 100 page E-book or a few 25-30 page ones)

    -I can create a professional looking website.

    - I've also got a really good concept I've thought up for bonus packages (I'm not sure I should share it here; sorry guys ;P)

    - And I know my writing skills are indefinitely up to par (native English speaker, with profound interests in etymology and writing.)

    I know I could produce this product and all the necessary extras that would make it look and feel valuable and appealing (which it WILL be.)

    The things I could use some help figuring out:

    - How to get an Affiliate network to host my product.

    - How to go about implementing a "shopping cart" for my website.

    - How I'd find people to promote the product for me.

    - How much I should charge for a valuable and applicable product.

    Just so you know the products won't have anything to do with Affiliate marketing itself; as it's something I'm still very fledgling in.

    So I'm just asking for a some tips from people who've actually created their own products, what did you do that made it successful? What do you wish you had done better or at all?

    Thanks in advance guys, let's generate some epic discussion and hopefully inspire a few more people to try their hands at producing rather than promoting :).
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