If I make a page refresh every 10-30 sec, will it be viewed negatively by Google?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by BaCCa, Jan 12, 2016.

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    Hi! Due to certain laws and regulations I'm unable to promote certain products besides certain blocks of text on my website, so I overlay ads with a 'page covering lightbox'.

    The thing is, I can't "sweet talk" the offers i'm promoting and this is why I need to approach it like this - ads and text content can't be "in the same article" (I can make up some bullshit story about the keyword for SEO to get a visitor, but I can't promote a real product with it because of laws).

    The information displayed in text form on my site is there for SEO purposes only, all I want is for the user just to click relevant banners in the niche and get a conversion. The lightbox is where the money is, but I don't want to make it un-closeable. I just want to bring it up again to the user after closing (after a certain time to give them another view at offers if they closed it on first sight). Easily closeable box (a multi layered site if you will) helps to avoid "hidden text" related negative impact. A meta refresh would be perfect to bring the lightbox up again, but I'm concerned about the SEO side of it. How would it effect my rankings? Any other possible angles to accomplish this goal?

    On a side note - This is from an affiliate point of view, I must obey the regulations if I want to pair my own 'seo text' + 'banner from the network' (fine is up to ?10 000 and it's all locally active businesses). If used adsense and didn't hand pick the offer, I wouldn't have this problem, and I would get targeted visitors in a high paying niche who will probably see relevant offers from Google then. Should I make my affiliate/cpa sites into adsense information sites instead? Once I removed all the banners and brandnames from site content, they almost look legit :D Now monetization is only inside lightbox and that is the problem.

    Thanks for in advance for your input, I appreciate any kind of feedback.
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    I have heard too many pop-up, refreshes and exit pop ads are viewed negatively by Google and can devalue your rankings/traffic as these are definitely bound to increase your bounce rate.
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    it will be negatively viewed by google and for sure it will increase your bounce rate which is not good.