If a backlink page is crawled does that mean the backlink is indexed?


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Oct 7, 2009
If one of my social bookmarking pages is indexed with all my backlinks, does that automatically assume that the links will get indexed too? Because when I do a "site:" the bookmarking page is indexed but not the links on it, why would that be?

I also created a scribed page with backlinks thrown in at the end. The scribd document has been indexed but the backlink on it havent been indexed either?
Yea, don't get too excited by having your link show up first before your actual site. It just means Google likes the site you just got a link ON, but doesn't mean it'll immediately run over to yours and indexed it.

Google moves in weird and mysterious ways. It should be pretty obvious to Google that there's more places to check out (via your link), but it'll get to it when it damn well pleases. That being said, it appears that having your link indexed on another site SHOULD speed the process along. (my sense is that it does)
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