IE 8 and Autocomplete passwords

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    Oct 31, 2010
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    I'm playing around with the Autocomplete feature of IE8.
    Problem is:
    I have 2 possible approaches and no further information on any of them.
    Approach 1:
    the key to the encrypted Password is the SHA1 hash of the url
    plus a single char made up from adding the 20 chars,
    and putting this char in place 1.
    Approach 2:
    SHA1 hash and the CRC from this hash.

    There are 2 Problems with this:
    1.Approach 1 does not yield the value I find in my registry
    2.Approach 2 raises the question what the polynom for generating the crcvalue is supposed to look like.
    So I am probably missing some piece of information here.
    Any information on this approach is apprechiated.

    P.s.:Below is a codesnippet of my approach.
    array<BYTE> ^url = {.......}; 
    SHA1 ^hash = gcnew SHA1CryptoServiceProvicer; 
    array<BYTE> ^thehash; 
    unsigned char firstchar = 0;  
    thehash = hash->ComputeHash(url);  
    for each(BYTE b in thehash)      
           firstchar += b; 
    ..... .... 
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