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Ideas to Help You Make Money on Etsy

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by William702, Mar 30, 2019.

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    Feb 26, 2017
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    A lot of users ask questions about running and promoting etsy shops as opposed to black hat methods that can be employed there. I also get a lot of messages from people asking how to promote Etsy shops. Because of this I wanted to add a list of things Etsy sellers could do to help get exposure for their shop and some good practices, tips, tricks etc.

    Please please bare in mind most of these points are for new users and not seasoned pros or IM'ers. Lots of this will be old hat and very basic/obvious to most of you. However from what I have seen with the dozens and dozens of shops people have sent me in PMs I know it will help a lot of people. There are going to be some points that cover the same stuff too so no need to point that out lol.

    I’m sure if we get a discussion going we can add lots more points but here are a few to get started with. I hope this info helps you and if you have any questions just reference the point you are asking about and I will be happy to try and help.

    1. Join Etsy teams.
    Joining teams is free and easy and one of the easiest ways to get views and traffic on Etsy. There are over 11,000 teams on Etsy, many that are geographically sensitive or specifically for handmade or vintage items but lots that are for any Etsy user to join and promote with. You can post in various threads to help you get some favorites if that is your thing. However be careful, you don’t want to flood your listings with un-targeted traffic. It’s a great way to get your shop seen if you are having a blow out sale but if there is nothing special about your shop it could do more harm than good. If you want to make real connections with people Etsy teams are a great way to do that.

    2. Include an image of one of your products in your shop icon.
    If you don't have a logo for your business we recommend that your shop icon feature one of your products that you have available for sale, such as your most popular product. Since shop icons get seen in so many different areas of Etsy, it's a good idea to show one of your products in this space since so many people see this image. You can also use this section to place an image of a sale such a just “50% OFF” doing this can drive a lot of people to your shop.

    3. Add a good quality photo including one of your products for your shop banner.
    Adding a banner gives potential customers an idea of what you sell and encourages them to check out your shop. A good banner that represents your shop is another way to further brand your business. You can also include text and promote your most recent coupons and deals. You can find amazing services for banner and logo creation here on BHW and of course on Fiverr.

    4. Photos are of the utmost importance for selling your products online.
    Make no mistake about it, the better your product photos are the better your products will sell. Create the best images you can with a good quality camera, good lighting and editing software. We personally use PicMonkey to edit photos and to create images that are correctly sized. Etsy item images should be at least 1000 pixels wide. If you don’t have the time or the skill then you can always work with various providers to create them for you. We have found this method is especially worth it if it is a product being sold over and over again. If you are working with a budget and have lots of products then you can just have a few products professionally photographed so that you can use them in promotional posts on social media.

    5. When it comes to receiving positive feedback from customers, providing fast order fulfillment is key.
    The most important thing to consider when it comes to having happy customers that will give you positive feedback is proving speedy order fulfillment. Sadly, lots of shops that don’t deserve 5-star feedback will get it because they ship items out instantly. Get your orders in the mail as quickly as you can and your customers will thank you for it.

    6. Have a professional critique your shop preformed.
    If you are serious about building a long lasting and profitable business you should consider hiring a professional to critique your Etsy shop. Once you feel like you are set up, you can utilize a service like this to make sure you are getting the most out of your efforts. WE did offer this service and it is a reason we mention it here so again for most users here on BHW you will know most of what anyone tells you in a critique.

    7. To maintain a perfect feedback score, maintain these three things; quality craftsmanship/inventory, fast order fulfillment and good communication with customers.
    If there are any problems that arise with an order then communication is crucial for keeping the customer up to date and most likely, satisfied with their order. Providing tracking is a great customer service extra. You can get free tracking on most USPS shipments by printing out your own shipping labels at home using something like Stamps.com. Taking your packages to a local postal provider may mean that you have to pay for tracking as an extra. Be sure to message your customers to let them know their item has shipped. And if you get any questions make sure you reply as soon as possible, people see you in a positive light this way before they even get their package and then half the battle is already won.

    8. In your Etsy profile, ask visitors to add your shop to their favorites and to follow you on social media.
    Ask visitors to add your shop to their favorites to keep in the loop with your shop and to receive updates through Etsy notifications. Asking people to follow you will result in many more times the amount of people following you than if you didn’t. This little change can do so much for a growing business and create assets that can be used in the future. Many of the promotional features on Etsy rely on being seen by followers and admirers so the more you do this now the more you will have in the long run. For over 3 years I had the 1st 2nd and 3rd most followed shops on Etsy. Let me tell you it really helped and now they have added many features to take advantage of a following that they never had before so it’s really worth it to follow/unfollow.

    9. Grow a mailing list..
    You can use a service like Mail-chimp that integrates with Etsy and Shopify to collect customer’s email addresses and consent for marketing emails. Over time your email list will be your most valuable asset that you can use to generate consistent sales. You can also stay in touch with your members via a monthly newsletter.

    10. Purchase shoutouts for your business on social media.
    Purchase shout-outs from bloggers and influencers or just people that manage large related groups or Facebook pages. We have used this method to generate tens of thousands of sales over the years across dozens of shops we have worked on. We find offers on micro job sites where people will make a post or shoutout for just a few dollars. The ROI on services like this is amazing and we have taken full advantage of introducing our products to new audiences each week.

    11. Greet your shoppers in your shop announcement.
    Don't leave your shop announcement blank! Your shop announcement is a great place to alert shoppers to news and offers that you have going on or coupon codes that you would like to share with them. Include keywords you want to target in the first 160 characters as many search engines display this info on their sites. Sites like Google will look over your whole page and all the info it contains in order to rank your site and make sure it’s relevant to people who are searching. However, in most cases they will only display the first sentence or two.

    12. Display your social media information in your shop announcement, profile, and about section.
    Let people know where to find you on social media when they read your profile, about section and your shop announcement so they can stay connected. Give a call to action to follow you on those networks. You can also list your social media assets in your item descriptions. Remind potential shoppers that you post special offers and announcements that they can take advantage of.

    13. Include as much pertinent information as you can in your listing descriptions.
    Make sure to add all the information the customer needs to know to make an informed purchasing decision. Add specific information like the size, dimensions, materials used, etc. If it’s a custom item, include ordering instructions and let them know what you will need from them. Tell the customer everything about the product, especially if it has any imperfections.

    14. Your profile photo is another chance to represent your products or brand.
    Although Etsy recommends that you make your profile photo a photo of yourself, many people don't like to put themselves out there like that. In that case we recommend instead using a photo featuring one of your products or your logo. We also added avatars that said things like “50% off” which gets displayed everywhere, other peoples profiles, favorites, comments, forums, threads, you name it and it’s there driving curious people back to your shop.

    15. Share info about your shop’s story in the about section and add photos of your work area and process.
    Shoppers want to know more about your shop. Having a good about section helps them get to know you as well as helps to make sales by giving customers more reasons to buy your products. Lots of people buy because of the story behind the products and process. Let your fans know how you make your creations so that they can see the work that goes into it.

    16. Create a professional logo or banner for your Etsy shop yourself or use micro job sites.
    Both a professional looking logo and Etsy banner will go far in creating a cohesive look for your shop. You could pay a professional designer thousands of dollars for a logo that you could just as easily get for $5 from someone on Fiverr, don’t be fooled into paying high prices just for the sake of it. Don’t forget to add pertinent info to your banners too. Make a template so that you can add new text for whatever promoting you are running and get them up fast.

    17. Create standard responses and promotional posts to make communication and promotion more efficient.
    Create some standardized social media posts so that you can just pop the link to a new product in and get it seen. Doing this can save a lot of time. Be sure to create standard responses to frequently asked questions so that you can just cut and paste whenever you get asked. Many sites have features that allow you to save standard responses that you can choose from when communicating with people, Etsy included.

    18. Use keywords in your Etsy items, titles, descriptions and tags.
    Your titles and tags make the biggest impact so make sure to cram important keywords into your title. Google indexes pages and will typically index the first 160 – 240 characters of your description so make sure you include all of the relevant tags within the first sentence to help buyers find your products. It’s very important to include relevant tags in the tag section and in your titles on Etsy. Just remember the first few words/sentence will be displayed on search engines so make sure it’s to the point and best describes your product.

    19. Use the "left digit effect"
    To use this effect, simply change the price of your items that end in zeros to one cent less than they are now. For example, an item that is $40.00 just needs to be changed to $39.99. Doing this you are only lowering the price by one cent however the price is perceived as surprisingly less by the buyer. This works best on lower priced items. Give it a go and see the difference.

    20. Research keywords to use in your items by using the Etsy search feature and other online tools.
    We suggest using the Etsy search function to see which search terms are best to include in your title. As you may be aware of already, once you search for something on Etsy, you can see how many items come up under that search word or term and suggestions from Etsy. Check out the top row in the search results to get inspiration from the tags within those listings. You can also sign up for Google Adwords and use their tools to do lots of keyword research.

    21. Use gift keywords in your listings and tags related to different life events like weddings, graduation, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
    The search terms "gift" and more specific gift tags like "housewarming gift" or “gifts for him” are great to include to reach these shoppers. Check out our gift keywords listing for tons of suggestions for gift keywords. We have done all the work for you and all you need to do is cut and paste the tags into your listings. Try and use different tags across lots of similar listings so that you can cast a broader net.

    22. Pricing is an art, carefully price your items to boost sales.
    For starters you can use a classic pricing structure that is the following: Time + Materials = Cost, Cost x 2 = Wholesale Price, Wholesale Price x 2 = Retail Price. Don't be afraid to offer high sales during the holidays to get new customers. Even if you break even on some sales you still can gain a new long term customer. Take advantage of the Etsy coupon code system and reach out to people who have shown an interest in your products. It is important not to price yourself out of the market and also not to price your products too low as to give a negative impression of them. Pricing really is an art form.

    23. Do not use your camera's flash when taking product photos or photos for your shop.
    We suggest using natural light for taking photos. However, if you need to take photos indoors then use a light box or softbox lights. We also strongly advise not using regular indoor lights but rather photography lights. We recommend going to Amazon and searching for “light tent kit” or “photography lights” and choosing the ones that best fit your budget. Using photo editing tools just to brighten your photos will make a big difference too.

    24. When creating Etsy listings, you can input more than one tag at a time.
    Just write out a list of words and separate them with a comma like this: tag 1, tag 2, tag 3, tag 4, tag 5 etc. If you make sets of 13 tags by pasting all the tags you want separated by a comma then you can save a lot of time with new listings by inputting all of the tags at once. You can also use this method to set up lists of tags so that you can target hundreds of tags across a few dozen listings or social media posts.

    25. When brainstorming tags, think about the items color, materials, occasions for when it is used, style as well as alternate terms used to describe the item.
    You can look through lists of keywords for more tag inspiration. Don’t use the same standard tags across all of your listings because you will essentially only be targeting a dozen phrases even if you have 1000 items listed. Instead make lists of relevant tags and paste different ones into each listing.

    26. Download OpenOffice for free if you don't have Microsoft Office.
    You can download OpenOffice for free to access tools like spreadsheets and word processors. It is a great alternative to Microsoft Office which can cost hundreds of dollars. We also recommend using Google apps like Google Sheets as an alternative to Microsoft Excel. The great thing about using Google apps is that you can access the info wherever you are and on any device.

    27. Ship items as quickly as possible.
    This can not be overstated. Everyone wants their goodies to arrive asap and it goes a long way in making your customers happy. If you process orders quickly and ship them fast your customers will keep coming back for more. This factor could be the most important of all and in 90% of cases will lead to positive feedback. If you state 1 – 3 business days for shipping try and make sure you do it in 1 day. You customers will be impressed and keep coming back for more. Always make sure it never takes you longer than you state because that is a recipe for disaster.

    28. Take care of your customers to encourage repeat business and grow positive feedback.
    It may sound obvious but giving your customers good service and catering to them when and how you can, goes very far in creating happy customers that will come back to you and share your shop with others. Treat them how you would like to be treated. It's easy to want to defend your small business against possible scams but 9 times out of 10 most situations are genuine and should be handled how you would like to be treated yourself. Take the high road and don't bite when serial complainers try and get away with a few dollars of products.

    29. Create good policies for your shop that protect you and the buyer.
    Be clear and detailed in your Etsy shop policies to both protect yourself from malicious buyers and to protect the customer when buying items from your shop. Be especially clear about shipping, returns and payment policies. Doing this will mean that your customers have the right expectations and will lead to more positive feedback. Lots of people won’t buy from a shop if it has no policies to speak of or doesn’t have an About section filled out.

    30. Make sure you list realistic shipping times and keep to them. Sending orders out late is a BIG no-no.
    You should try and fulfill an order even faster than you state but as long as you ship in the time frame you say you will, you are doing the right thing. Keep your fulfillment times as quick as possible as customers don't want to wait very long for something, even when they know just how long it will take. You may think it's a good idea to give yourself a few days as a buffer but this could turn a lot of buyers off so make sure you state the fastest turnaround time you can manage and stick to it.

    31. Favorite other Etsy shops.
    Favoriting shops on Etsy is a lot like following accounts on social media and the reasoning behind it is the same. The easiest way to get people to visit and favorite/admire your shop is to admire other shops. Additionally, there will be an initial flood of traffic and sales that you get when the other shops get their notification that you favorited them and the owners come and check out your shop. You can easily favorite a few thousand shops in an hour if you are using a desktop or laptop with a mouse. If you are using a tablet or phone to do this then forget it. You can achieve so much more working on a computer.

    32. Stay on top of your emails and reply quickly to deliver exceptional customer service.
    Your customers will appreciate this and remember that you gave them great service in the past. Doing this simple thing and shipping out orders on time can mean the difference between a repeat customer or not, or worse, negative feedback that could make a lot of people turn away.

    33. Following Etsians.

    Following Etsians, adding items to your favorites and favoriting shops, all help generate huge amounts of traffic by leading people back to your shop. When you follow people some will follow you back. The ratio is about 20% - 40% over time and you can get tens of thousands of followers. Whenever you list a new item your followers will all see it right away and any other notifications from your shop. You may not think that there is much of a benefit over the short term, but if you plan to grow a large and successful Etsy business, the value of having thousands of followers and admirers will be evident the longer you are in business.

    34. Use Etsy promoted listings.
    If you go in to the settings you can change the automatic/default bid for promoted listings to just 2 cents, so instead of paying the 30 to 80 cents that Etsy suggests you can set it at just 2 cents. You still get impressions, you get less than you would if you were paying 80 cents, but all that matters and all that you pay for is clicks. If you sell in a competitive category you won't get many clicks at all but they will essentially be free. We have seen ROI's in the hundreds of thousands of percent using this method. If you have lots of products covering lots of different terms and keywords then you will get lots of impressions and clicks every day even if you only bid $0.02. This strategy is for people that just want some extra clicks for a few pennies and not those that want to take full advantage of it.

    35. Etsy coupons.
    Etsy coupons are a great way to gain new customers or to reward existing customers with a loyalty coupon. You can also reach out to people who interact with your shop to share possible coupons to make a sale but please use common sense when doing this as no one likes spam. Think about including a business card with your orders which includes your details and a discount code on it. You could offer a 10% or 20% return buyer discount which will help you get lots of repeat business. There are literally thousands of coupon websites that potential customers are searching for to find a deal. Just having your coupons listed on them could drive lots of shoppers to your store. There are lots of ways to get your coupons out there.

    36. Make sure to utilize all available photo spots.
    You can add 5 photos to your listings. Make sure you utilize them all to show potential buyers exactly what they're getting. Not all of the images have to be of a product, some can be used to display size or color charts or other relevant info that people can get at a glance.

    37. Use the social media share buttons to share your shop’s items.
    Using the share buttons on your Etsy listings makes sharing all of your products quicker and easier. We strongly suggest you do this with the Pinterest share button as that will give you an advantage when it comes to SEO on Pinterest and will show up in the Etsy section of Pinterest. Etsy will also see that the listing has been shared from Etsy and will rank the products higher because of the increased interactions and interest. When you have shared directly from Etsy to other sites, Etsy algorithms see that and the item on Etsy is then more relevant, which helps it rank.

    38. Play promotion games on Etsy teams.
    If you are familiar with Etsy teams you know just how fun and addicting it can be to promote your products in them, especially if you join hundreds of promotional teams. Check out our lists of promotion games from Etsy teams that will help you get your products noticed. There are threads designed to help you get social media followers, Etsy followers, Etsy listing favorites and more. There are lots of games to use such as the “post one favorite 10” game which involves posting your social media link and following the ten above you.

    39. Etsy shoppers find your listings via the tags and title you use.
    It's very important to include the words and phrases you want to be found by in your title and the tags. Some sites go off of the info in your description and title but on Etsy it's important to include all the words (also known as keywords or tags) you want to be found under in your tags and title.

    40. Use hashtags in your social media posts.
    Hashtags are best used on Instagram although they are worth using on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest too. Since you are limited to 280 characters on Twitter you cannot use too many hashtags depending on the length of your tweet. There are so many tags out there to use and you can use always use hashtags like #craft or #etsy which are large hashtags. Whenever anyone searches for these terms you will show up in the feed, even to people who don't follow you. This is why it is important to use a scheduling tool like to set up lots of posts to go out every day.

    41. Professional product photos are great for making social media posts. Add a photo to the tweets for maximum benefit.
    Beautiful photographs are important on all social media sites but especially on Instagram which is considered the more visually driven social media site along with Pinterest. Having great product images are the key to people choosing and taking a look at your item when they see it on social media. You can easily improve the look of any photo with free sites like PicMonkey just by brightening it. You can also use the auto adjust feature that brings most pictures to life very easily.

    42. Create profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for your business.
    Making a profile on these four sites is very important for a number of reasons. The first being that you need to secure these usernames so that you can rank your pages and profiles on Google. Whenever anyone searches for you they will see a professional brand looking back at them taking up the front page of Google. These four networks are the main ones you want to join. Some of these sites only let you have a name that is up to 15 characters long so keep that in mind when naming a new business or choosing usernames if you want to keep them consistent across all networks.

    43. Social media following/targeted following.
    Following others on social media to gain exposure is a very lucrative way to spend your time marketing. All of these social media sites have daily limits for following so it's important to use them every day or at least a few times a week. They have limits to stop people abusing them as it works so well. Following others can help expose your profile and therefore your shop to thousands of people for free. It's how we generated the majority of our sales. Over time you will be left with huge assets and audiences to promote your products to whenever you list a new one. Many shops we have coached now have monster social media followings and sell their one-of-a-kind items within minutes of listing. Because we followed people on Twitter in the early days we ended up with more followers that MAC, Urban Decay and Clinique COMBINED! With our little Etsy shop that had just a few thousand sales at the time, we had more followers and clout on Twitter than multi-billion dollar brands. We cannot stress the importance of following on Twitter and social media sites like it.

    44. Blog Features, product reviews, unboxing, etc.
    Working with influencers that blog or post on Youtube and Instagram are some of the best ways to promote your business. This form of marketing has been growing at lighting speed. More and more companies are realizing the power of influencer marketing so the cat is out of the bag and you had better take advantage of it before prices increase and ROI's decrease. Right now it's very very hard not to make money with influencer marketing. We have worked with many influencers who generated thousands of dollars in sales for $10 or $20 worth of product.

    45. Use Giveaways to grow your social media followings.
    Giveaways can be a great way of generating traffic to your shop. Sites such as Rafflecopter or similar can help you run a giveaway. We recommend promoting your giveaway using the hashtag, #giveaway. You can also use unique hashtags in giveaways to track entrants of the giveaway, such as asking everyone who enters to write a tweet and include a specific hashtag so you can find everyone who entered by searching for that hashtag. We love working with influencers on this too. If a blogger or youtuber has tens of thousands of followers, you can offer a giveaway and the entry requirement be following you on social media. This is very common and can lead to thousands of followers very quickly. This is something you can also scale so perfecting this method of advertising can take your business to new heights.

    46. Providing a call to action to follow you on social media.
    Make sure you list your social media links and make sure you ask people to follow you. Having a call to action asking people to follow you can lead to 20x more people following you. The same goes for tweets, if you ask people to retweet your tweet you will get on average 23x more than you would have just leaving it to fate. It's obvious really but so many people forget to ask.

    47. Maintain a professional presence online.
    Remember that on Etsy and social media you must represent your business by being professional at all times, not engaging in internet arguments, not posting about political, religious, or personal topics, etc. Stay on topic by just sticking to posts about your products or those subjects directly related to your products and business. We recommend having social media profiles for business and social media profiles for personal use and keeping them separate.

    48. Create and upload YouTube videos about your business or products.
    Youtube is one of the best places to market products. Whether it be videos you make or videos that influencers make after reviewing your products you need to post them to a dedicated channel. Get permission from any influencers you work with to allow you to share the content on your own channel when they have done the review. Once you have some videos up it's very easy to promote them. Google owns Youtube and Blogger so links from those sites show up very high in search results.

    49. Work with bloggers and influencers on collaborations.
    This is very much the same as the points above. If you collaborate with bloggers and influencers, your ROI will go through the roof. The best thing a small business owner can do is to have influencers talk about and review their products online. Getting blog posts means that you have powerful backlinks leading to your shop and products which not only helps you rank in searches, but directs lots of organic visitors that are interested in your products. The ratio of people who visit your listings and who go on to buy them have a heavy impact on your search rankings. Sites like Etsy and Google won't display products that show a history of getting a lot of visitors but not many sales as prominently. The more sales you make the more money Etsy makes.

    50. Link social accounts to your Instagram account.
    A great feature of Instagram is that you can link your Facebook page and Twitter feed to your Instagram account so that when you post on Instagram it can automatically go out to your Facebook page and Twitter feed at the same time. This can be an amazing time saver for a busy shop owner!

    51. Use the Etsy Shop Updates feature. Shop Updates are like social media posts that show up in the Etsy feed.
    When you make a shop update, everyone who favorited your items, your shop or purchased from you will see your update on Etsy.com and on the app home screen. Again, if you follow other users many will follow you back. The people who do this the most realize the value of having lots of people follow their shop, especially when it comes to Etsy shop updates. Having shop updates up not only looks great to visitors but whenever you make an update, it will be the first thing your followers see and you will get lots of people visiting your shop because of it.

    52. Create a mailing list for your business with MailChimp.
    It's a good idea to suggest to readers and customers to sign up to your mailing list as this is a valuable resource for your business. We use Mailchimp as it's a free app as long as your lists are under 2000 emails. If you go beyond that they have some very reasonable subscriptions you can take advantage of. Mailing lists can generate hundreds of sales all at once so make sure you start collecting them as soon as possible.

    53. Sign up for business accounts on social media which can offer more functions and abilities for business owners.
    Many social media sites allow for personal and business profiles. In most cases you get detailed analytics and tools to help you promote your posts with business profiles. We always recommend updating your accounts to business accounts and having separate profiles for business and personal use. Doing this will also mean that your products are more likely to show up in the shopping section of search results.

    54. Post quality content on social media and interact with your followers.
    Post substantive content as well as engage and interact with your followers. When you see people commenting on your posts be sure to reply or like their comments, it means a lot and can easily lead to more questions and sales. If you post quality content people will engage with it organically which helps eliminate the need for paid ads. Having consistent posts helps let buyers know that you are on top of everything with your business and are likely to ship out orders on time.

    55. Encourage others to like you on social media elsewhere on the internet, like on your Etsy shop.
    Don't forget to ask people to follow you on social media by adding a call to action. You will be surprised at how many more people will do so if you just ask. Each social media follower is worth a few dollars according to leading publications. There are so many places on Etsy that you can post your social media links and so many people forget to do it. If you make it easy for people to find you, you make it easy for them to buy from you.

    56. Blog Features and Influencer marketing.
    We can't stress the importance of influencer marketing, we have touched on it a little already. Blog features are another way to reach new audiences. To do this, contact bloggers who have a professional looking blogs and good blogging ethics that may feature your products and ask them if they would like to collaborate. Many bloggers will jump at the chance and some may want a fee for doing a feature on your business. Contact vloggers on Youtube or professional bloggers on Blogger and Pinterest for collaborations too.

    57. Build a brand rather than a business.
    Use branding techniques to make your business a brand rather than just an Etsy shop. Use your professional looking logo image on Etsy as well as for your profile photo on social media so your brand is more easily recognizable. You may also create a tagline for your business to be more memorable. Your tag line can be used as your bio line or description on many social media sites. Other tips for building a brand is by gaining exposure with your marketing efforts on social media and Etsy to build brand awareness as well as having a central message or ethos to help foster your authenticity and good reputation.

    58. Create a blog for your business.
    WordPress and Tumblr are very easy ways to get started in blogging. We also recommend Blogger which is owned by Google. However the clear winner is WordPress which takes a little technical know how. Having a blog is a great way to keep your followers engaged in your business and coming back for more. Writing a blog post is like writing a book, once it's done it's done. You can sit back and enjoy the traffic that it brings for years to come.

    59. Schedule and plan social media posts in advance.
    These days there are literally thousands of apps and programs you can use to schedule social media posts. Many social media sites have built in functions that allow you to schedule posts into the future such as Facebook. Using tools like this will allow you to set up a month’s worth of posts in less than a day, which will leave you with more time to grow your business and create new products.

    60. Create your own website on Shopify.
    As a growing business you need to show a professional image and have your own website. The easiest way to create a website is with tools like Shopify, there are other options out there but we recommend Shopify. Etsy do offer their own website builder called Pattern but we strongly recommend building through an outside source like Shopify as there are far more apps and tools that you can integrate with it to help grow your business.

    61. If you have an upcoming campaign then we suggest posting teasers for it on social media.
    You can post teaser posts to get people interested in an upcoming sale or event. This is an easy way to make sure that people will check out the content when it goes live. Use a mailing list tool like MailChimp to send out regular newsletters to keep your buyers informed. If you have a new line about to launch, it is always a good idea to let your buyers know in advance.

    62. Offer free samples to influencers in exchange for a shoutout or review.
    Many of the larger influencers want to be paid and they are getting more and more clued in to how much their promotion is worth. You can sometimes work with influencers that like to get free samples. These are great people to work with to produce content on your behalf. We have worked with influencers who are now well known and some of our videos are still the most viewed on their channels. For the cost of a few products, we have videos on huge channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers driving traffic every day for years!

    63. Create a Google alert so you always know when your brand is mentioned online.
    Every time that you get mentioned online you can get a notification from Google. Creating Google alerts is a great way to stay on top of your PR without having to micro manage. It's important to address customer questions and concerns quickly to give the best customer experience. It is also important to keep an eye out for potential issues that you need to deal with in a timely manner and for that, Google alerts is a huge help.

    64. Use bookmarks on your browser to be more efficient.
    You can create shortcuts on your browser to get to places you go often. You would be surprised at how much time this can save you when promoting on teams and other social media pages. You can save multiple bookmarks to a folder and open them all instantly in new tabs to make promotion much more efficient.

    65. Pin every item you sell to Pinterest.
    Create a board on your Pinterest profile with the name of your shop and pin every item to it. This way you have a place to come back to and repin from. If you do this your pins will rank quicker and be seen by more people. The other benefit is that Pinterest pins rank very highly on Google so if you pin your items, there is a high chance they will show up on the first page of Google as pins or in the Google shopping section. This simple step can ensure you get good SEO benefits and that helps buyers find you easier. Create one board for everything and then if you feel the need to you can make sub category boards if you have a lot of variety in your shop.

    66. Making complimentary Pinterest boards for related topics to what you sell.
    By doing this you can pin related pins to those boards and create destinations for beautiful pins. This will lead lots of people back to your profile and ultimately to your store. When you create boards and fill them with great content you create a destination for people online to browse the things they like all in one place. People browsing will often check out the profile and links of the person that shared the content.

    67. Follow boards as well as people on Pinterest.
    When you follow a board you will see more relevant pins related to the content of that board. You can also be seen by the creator and anyone who visits that board by being a follower. This is a great way to get your profile seen in a particular niche. The more links you have coming back to your profile the more people will find you. If you follow lots of boards specific to a particular topic, your profile will become a destination for that niche and will rank better.

    68. Pin items to group boards to reach hundreds of thousands of users daily
    Pinning items to group boards is one of the best ways to promote your Etsy shop. You can share your product pins to relevant boards so that all of the followers of that board see your pins in their feed. You don't need to have a lot of followers yourself as these boards have tens of thousands of followers and visitors each week. This is also a great way to rank your pins. If you set up a program like Tailwind to automatically schedule your posts, you can set up literally thousands of pins in a matter of minutes.

    69. Moderate posts and comments on social media.
    There is nothing more important than monitoring your image online. We have touched on this with using Google alerts. It's crucial to respond to issues right away and to not leave people hanging. Doing this can create a public relations nightmare. With the power of social media any mistakes can be compounded very easily. It's important to deal with any issues as they arise and do so in a professional manner, leave your emotions at the door.

    70. Tweet every item you sell.
    You can tweet via Etsy. On the right hand side of the listing page you will see a Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter share button. You can use this to share your listings directly to those platforms if you are logged in with your social media accounts. Doing this shows those sites that the post came from Etsy and makes a direct link back to the product for potential customers to follow. This helps a lot with ranking your items on Etsy since Etsy sees the listing as more relevant with each interaction it gets. Interactions would be counted as anyone adding the item to their favorites or being shared to any of the social media sites linked.You will also notice instant traffic and views from doing this. Sadly, in most cases this is bot traffic where a machine is told to click on the link of a new post when it comes in. Typically any link you share will get a few views instantly when it is shared. The idea is to be consistent so that when real people are searching they will find your tweets.

    71. List on more than one platform.
    List your products on more than one site like Etsy. Depending on what you sell there are dozens of other marketplaces you could be listing on. Having your products listed elsewhere will help a lot with SEO and dominating the front page of Google.

    72. We highly recommend making posts on your Facebook page at least once a day.
    It's easy to keep up with posting every day on Facebook. Facebook has its own built-in post scheduling tool. You can use this to set up posts to go out as much as 6 months into the future. Using this feature can make sure that your pages and brand stay current in search rankings due to consistent content being shared. You can easily share the link to one of your products and do a very quick write-up for the post and then schedule the posts to go out each day. Not only will it help you keep the page consistent but it's a chance to use hashtags and be seen organically by lots of other people in the search.

    73. Post coupon codes to coupon sites.
    You don't have to offer a huge discount like 50% off, you can offer a discount code for 10% off or even 20% off your first purchase for example. By listing your code on these sites you can drive thousands of shoppers to your site for free who would have otherwise not found you. Many buyers will only purchase from shops where they can use coupon codes. This is why sites like Groupon are popular.

    74. Use Craftcount to do research and to stay motivated.
    Craftcount is a site that allows you to see the rankings of all Etsy sellers. At one point we were fortunate enough to be the fourth top selling shop in the world as well as the daily top selling shop in the world over 100 times before we sold our business. Using Craftcount can help you find competitors and see what they are doing. It's a great place to do research and to find shops in specific categories.

    75. Register a .com domain name to direct at your website or Etsy shop.
    Register a domain for your business. You can get the .com name for your business for a few dollars and direct it to either your own site or straight to your Etsy shop very easily.

    76. Create business cards.
    It's important to have the right image for your company. There is nothing worse that trying to scribble your details down for a potential client. With sites like Vistaprint you can create professional business cards and get hundreds of them for a few dollars. Creating business cards is fun and easy, they are valuable assets to help get new customers.

    77. Use virtual assistants
    You can find lots of people willing to help you out with your online chores. The best place to find virtual assistants is on micro job site like Fiverr. You can hire people to work for a few hours to help you promote or list new items. Maybe you need some data entry work done or research on a new product line. Whatever it is using virtual assistants can free up your time to be creative and grow your business.

    78. Use PicMonkey to create unique graphics for social media images.
    You can create beautiful professional images for banners and social media backgrounds with PicMonkey. It’s also really good for creating images for social media posts, especially images that need text overlaid. If you need an image to go along with a post you are creating for your Facebook page PicMonkey is a great way to do this and they have an amazing free option which will allow you to do everything you need and more. If you use tools like PicMonkey for your business, there are lots of options to choose from to get more features.

    79. Collaborate with others with Instagram takeovers.
    You can let people takeover your Instagram or Instagram Stories for a day or ask to takeover the Instagram of another user who is relevant to your brand. This is a great way to collaborate with people and get seen by other huge audiences. When someone takes over your Instagram, they share it with all of their followers and followers of their followers and so on. This is a very easy method to grow your social media following and get free advertising.

    80. Tease new products.
    Are you thinking of launching a new product, let your fans and customers know about it before it's launch.Just like with teaser posts to get people interested in upcoming sales or events, teasing new products can create a lot of buzz and ensure you get lots of sales as soon as it is released. This can help an item trend on Etsy which creates a lot of organic traffic as well. Using methods like this to boost an item as soon as it is launched can help a lot and get people in your shop to buy other items.

    81. Manage inventory with Excel or Google Sheets.
    Create Excel spreadsheets to manage inventory and be sure to give your products SKUs as well since this all helps when managing inventory. There are many inventory management apps available, however, good old Excel or OpenOffice Calc will do just fine. If you want to be able to access your documents anywhere we also recommend Google Sheets for inventory management.

    82. Include a thank you note or gift.
    If you can include a thank you note. This will stand out and ensure that you get the most return customers. If possible include a free gift or sample of other products which could lead to future sales. People love to share things they are opening on social media. For example, there is a category of videos on YouTube called un-boxing which lots of people love to watch each week. If you make sure your products look great when you ship them out then you have a good chance of getting lots of free advertising on social media.

    83. Use a white background for product photography.
    There are various ways to show off your products in your photos but our favorite style of shot to consistently use for your products is the "studio shot" style photo with a plain, white background. It’s best to have a light tent or a light box to do this. You can find lots of light tents and professional light kits on Amazon for less than $100. If you place a piece of white poster board in the bottom of your light tent, you can take professional, catalog-quality images with the addition of a little post-production editing on a site like PicMonkey. We recommend getting a camera with a macro function to allow close ups of small items. These days most smartphones have amazing cameras that are more than adequate for product photography. It won’t be long before our phones can take better pictures than our expensive Canon camera!

    84. Make images sharp, simple and illustrative.
    You need to make sure your product photos display the product clearly. Product photos communicate important information about size, color, and materials. Ideally they should also capture both the purpose and feeling of the product which helps shoppers imagine the product in their lives. A common mistake that sellers make with product photos is that too many sellers take pictures that cut off a large portion of the image. A tip to remember when taking product photography is to leave as much of a border or margin around the product as possible so it can always be cropped while editing the final image.

    85. When you see a positive comment show up in your social media notifications or in Etsy convos, reach out and thank them.
    You can even offer them a coupon code as a thank you which is another way to incentivise interested shoppers to make a future purchase. Letting people know you care and appreciate what they have done can turn a one time customer into a long term customer.

    86. If customers have any complaints, communicating is vital for turning things around.
    First thing you should do is not get angry. This is an opportunity to get a long term customer and make your business better. Even if you feel angry the worst thing anyone can do is leave a nasty or sarcastic comment in retaliation. You need to handle the situation with professionalism and let the customer know that you are listening and want to resolve their issue for them no matter what. The last thing you want are unhappy customers. You can easily turn most situations around and get a long term customer in the process. With leaving professional replies in feedback, you are showing other potential buyers that you can be trusted and they will be far more likely to shop with you.

    87. Conduct product research with Google Trends and Google Adwords.
    Google Trends is a great tool for doing research and seeing what is hot and what is not. You can check to see if the business you intend to start is on the rise or fall and learn key metrics for judging new sectors. You can also use tools like Google Adwords to find the best keywords and tags for your products. Using sites like Craftcount will give you a good idea of what is selling across Etsy.

    88. Tutorials on YouTube.
    Create tutorials showing how your products are made or how they are used. You can also collaborate with youtubers to create a tutorial that uses or features your product. Since links can be added to the description of a YouTube video, you can direct people to your shop with a compelling video. YouTube is a vast resource of tutorials and how to videos. You can pretty much guarantee that no matter what it is you want to learn, there will be a video for it on YouTube. There are also lots of great how to videos that show you exactly how to navigate Etsy and promote efficiently. You may also want to use it to see a real life example of something that is being mentioned in a guide or to get a better idea of where something is on a web page. Using Youtube can speed up many processes that are a part of your business.

    89. Link your social media profiles to your Etsy shop.
    If you are unaware, you can link your social media profiles directly to your Etsy shop homepage so they are only a click away for your customers. You can add Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram as well as your blog, or website. You should also copy links into your about section on your profile as well as your shop announcement. You want to make it easy for people to find and follow you. Too often we see shops that do not include this information at all and lose out on long term customers and followers.

    90. Post on Reddit.
    Reddit is also known as the front page of the internet. If an item shows up on the front page of Reddit then you can guarantee it will get tens of thousands of visits and hundreds of sales. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the categories of topics on Reddit which are known as subreddits so you know where is best to post about your product. Share a photo of your product in the same manner you might share it to friends and family on social media. This type of posting is what is most accepted on Reddit. If your product is particularly novel, cute, interesting or funny, chances are you will have success posting it on this site. There is an art to promotion with Reddit. It's all about a post looking natural and not like a sales thread. Posting advertising on Reddit is not allowed but sharing interesting stories can make a post go viral and result in it trending worldwide. There are lots of services available for Reddit posting that guarantee to get your post to a certain position.

    91. Use Instagram Stories.
    Instagram stories are a great way to get your business seen. Instagram stories show up at the top of a news feed so no matter when you make it you will benefit from it being seen at the top of the feed of all your followers. People love to follow the progress of a growing business and adding stories will keep your followers interested and keep them following your profile. You can post photos and videos to Instagram Stories. The best aspect of Instagram Stories is that you can easily link things to posts like links to your products. Another great feature of Instagram Stories is the “questions sticker” that can be added to your stories which allows you to ask questions to your Instagram followers and receive direct feedback for them. This makes for an excellent market research tool. Instagram Stories shows pics and videos from the last 24 hours but if you want any of your stories to be shown for longer, they can be added to your highlights which stay up on your profile until you remove them.

    92. Select a username on Facebook for your page.
    Be sure to select a username on Facebook for your page. You can do this by going to facebook . com/usernmes which will allow you to have a nice clean link such as: facebook . com/yourbusinessnamehere rather than a long link with lots of random characters and numbers in it. Many sites will not index a Facebook link unless it has been formatted the correct way using the username feature.

    93. Choose a business name that you can buy as a domain and secure on social media.
    When thinking of a name for your business be sure to select one that is not in use by anyone else. Check Google and take a look at what comes up. Also check social media because you don’t want a name that you can’t get anywhere. Go to a domain registrar and buy the domain name. Try and make sure your name is 15 characters or less so that you can get the same name on Instagram and Twitter. You can get the .com name for your business and direct it straight to your shop for just a few dollars.

    94. Use Fiverr to promote your business.
    Use Fiverr to work with micro workers who can help you with all sorts of things including daily tasks. Fiverr is the most underrated service for small business owners in our opinion. You can get a logo for your business for a few dollars or get a post made for you on any number of sites. You can even get a website made for you and promoted on auto pilot for very reasonable prices if you find the right sellers.

    95. Use Linkclump to make life easier.
    Download the Linkclump extension for Google Chrome. This will allow you to draw your mouse across the screen and open up all the links it hovers over in new tabs. When you are posting to teams or promoting on Etsy this little extension can save you lots of time. We use it to make promotion a lot more efficient. If you have to click and open each link individually it can make some processes uneconomical to do.

    96. Use Google Chrome.
    Anyone using the internet for business should be using Google Chrome as their browser. The vast majority of internet users do already. There are so many amazing extensions and tools that you can integrate into your Chrome browser that will make your life a lot easier. Many tools and extensions are made specifically for Google Chrome and nothing else so in order to use a lot of the tools that we recommend you will need to be using Chrome.

    97. Use Linktree to keep track of all your links.
    Linktree is a free app that allows you to display lots of your links in one place. For example, if you use Instagram, you will have seen the phrase “link in bio” in people’s posts. You can link to things in Instagram Stories but you can not add a clickable link in Instagram posts, only in the bio on your profile. You can only have one link in the bio so before apps like Linktree existed, users had to update their links often for each post. Now you can display all of your links in one place on Linktree and have everyone go there. The best part is that it is completely free.

    98. Link your Etsy shop to your Facebook page.
    Link your Etsy shop to your Facebook page. This is very important and will help all your fans and people just visiting your page find your shop. This is a great way to gain shoppers from Facebook. You can literally link your shop to your page so that you can list your shop and items directly on your page for your fans to purchase from.

    99. Join Facebook groups.
    There are thousands of buy/sell/trade groups on Facebook. They are free to use and a great way to connect with a local audience. Posting in Facebook groups is one of the easiest ways to generate sales from social media. It’s simple to find them and join them too. All you have to do is search for a particular keyword or phrase related to the group you want to join and Facebook will display dozens of groups for that interest. Go ahead and join the group so that you can post there regularly. Creating your own group is also a great idea and will allow you to grow a dedicated fan base that you can communicate with all at once with new posts.

    100. Print shipping labels at home.
    Use an app like Stamps.com or similar to print out shipping labels. You can integrate it with most sites and you can get preferential rates compared to taking the package to your local postal provider. If you print the label off at home you will get free tracking with USPS which in most cases costs extra when shipping at your local post office. Printing at home can also save lots of time because you won’t have to wait in line at the post office.

    101. Use a Desktop or Laptop to work online and NOT a mobile device.
    Don't use a tablet or phone to do your tasks online. It takes so long and you don't even see the same internet pages as most people do. Don't get us wrong, more people use mobile devices than normal computers these days but you can do so much more with a PC and it's 10000% faster to do all sorts of promotional tasks with a mouse. There are also lots of automation tools for a PC that cannot be used on mobile devices.

    102. Open a new shop via someone’s Etsy referral link.
    If you are creating a new shop for the first time or just an extra shop, do it through someone's referral link. You will get 40 free listings and so will the person who’s referral link you used. Just search for Etsy referral link and you will be presented with a bunch of blogs containing links you can use.

    103. Set goals.
    Set daily, weekly and monthly goals. This is one of the most important things you can do as a small business owner. It is important to stay focused and manage your time efficiently. When you do everything yourself it is important to set goals not only to have a plan of action but to help keep you motivated and accountable.

    104. Add shop sections to your shop.
    Add shop sections to help your customers find your products easier. If you sell a lot of items in your store then you can categorize them and put them in specific sections in your shop.

    105. Set up shipping profiles.
    This will save you a lot of time when listings lots of products. If you have standard shipping rates across your packages you can set up profiles for each of them and save yourself a lot of time when uploading new items.

    106. Favorite other's items on Etsy.
    When you favorite an item on Etsy, every shop gets a notification that you favorited one of their items and will probably check out who it was that added that item. It's one of the best ways to generate hundreds or even thousands of views a day to your shop. It's all about networking and it's FREE! This is a VERY effective way to promote your shop and is why Etsy have limited it to 300 favorites each hour. We recommend only favoriting the items on the first page of any given results and going to the next section. This way you will favorite items from more unique shops instead of favoriting a bunch of items from the same shop. This makes the activity much more efficient and gets you more traffic and sales. There is NO point in doing this on a small scale. To really get benefits from this, it’s something you have to do in bulk. It takes just 20 minutes to sit there and favorite 1000 items or shops so take advantage of this amazing free opportunity.

    107. Check the spelling on your listings.
    There is nothing worse than not being found in the search because you misspelled a particular word. Make sure all of your listings are written in a professional way and get an extra pair of eyes to proofread them if you need some help. You don’t want your spelling to be the thing people are thinking about when looking at your listings.

    108. Frequent posts on all social media sites will help to grow your accounts and gain traffic.
    Don't just expect to get traffic if you create a shop and list some products. 99.9% of shops fail this way or move along with one or two sales a month or even a year! If you are serious about your business you can use the features of Etsy such as favorites and teams as well as methods on social media to get lots of people to visit your store. By far the best option for free traffic is from social media, specifically Pinterest and Instagram, depending on your products. You can also take advantage of great advertising options on Facebook and Twitter. People take notice if they go to a page that has no content or recent activity. Many people might think you are no longer in business if you leave it months between posts.

    109. List and relist often.
    It is very important to stay consistent with listing new products, especially now that there has been a change to Etsy where they show newly listed items as a notification to anyone who admires your shop. Relisting is a very effective marketing tool on Etsy for items you already have listed as it boosts them to the top of the search for a while. Doing this can drive hundreds of buyers to your shop every day.

    110. Network with other users.
    It's very easy to network and get in touch with other users on Etsy via the forums, teams and even getting in touch with people directly. Lots of people will tell you that reaching out to people who show an interest in your items is a great way to make sales. However Etsy do have strict rules on spam so be careful not to spam anyone. As long as you use common sense and are not jumping down people's throats, it's perfectly fine.

    111. Make sure you have plenty of items in your store.
    There is nothing worse than going to an Etsy shop only to find a handful of products. People want to see shop categories and plenty of products to choose from. You should try and list at least 50 items at a minimum.

    112. Take advantage of every email you send.
    When sending emails be sure to setup a signature and include your business info such as website address and social media links. You will be surprised at how much extra business this will get you. It also makes your business look more professional and feel like a real brand.

    113. Keep up to date on new trends.
    It is important to know what is hot and what is not. You can find out what is trending on Etsy in the Etsy trends section. You can also use tools like Google Trends to get detailed analytics on search volumes and global trends.

    114. Offer a quality return policy.
    Everyone should offer returns where possible. It's important to make buyers feel safe and assured that if something goes wrong they won't be left out of pocket. In most cases using certain payment providers means that you have to offer returns. With some products like custom products and digital downloads, it is impossible to offer refunds. This is fine as long as you have stated this on your policy page.Whatever your returns policy is in your shop, make sure to clearly explain everything a customer should know about returns in your policies.

    115. Over deliver on EVERY order.
    This can be as simple as shipping the product out faster than advertised or including a personal message to the buyer. Whatever it is, make a statement with every order by showing that you go above and beyond for customers and it will ensure lots of repeat business.

    116. Ship internationally.
    With the tools now available at a seller’s disposal, it is easy to sell to a global audience. Make sure you offer international shipping options so that your listings show up for everyone who searches. It is very easy to find out how much shipping could potentially cost on an item when using an app or tool like Stamps.com

    117. Offer weekly or monthly specials.
    Offering a weekly deal is a great way to get sales. For example, you could offer something as simple as 10% off a particular product on a certain day of the month.

    118. Set up abandoned cart offers.
    If you have set up your own site on a platform like Shopify you can take advantage of the abandoned cart feature to capture more sales. If shoppers put items in their cart but don’t check out, they automatically get an email prompting them to make the purchase. You can give extra incentives like coupons to get the sale and make a new customer.

    119. Offer a discount to join your mailing list.
    It sounds like common sense but very few shop owners do this. It’s easy to include a link to your mailing list in your announcement. If you use Shopify you can set up an automatic pop-up so that people are offered the choice to sign up and get a discount as soon as they visit your site.

    120. Set up an affiliate program.
    You can set up your own affiliate program to incentivize others to help you get more sales. It’s very easy to set one up and manage. You can use a platform like ShareaSale to set up a program or do it all in-house. Either way, an affiliate program is a great way to get new customers and spread the word about your products.

    121. Offer free shipping.
    If you can afford to do this it will greatly increase the number of sales you get. If the cost of shipping is a small fraction of the cost of the item overall then it’s a great way to get extra sales. You could also use free shipping to increase order sizes by offering free shipping when you spend $50 or more for example.

    122. Use crowdfunding sites to launch new products.
    So many businesses are taking advantage of crowdfunding sites to not just launch new ideas and businesses but to launch new products. Many established businesses use sites like this to launch new products by offering those who fund its creation special offers and future discounts. This can be a great way to build a brand fast and gain lots of new customers.

    123. Be a part of the Etsy community.
    Etsy is a huge community. Become a part of it by commenting in the forums and helping other members out. You can join teams dedicated to your craft or region and network with other users. Cultivating these relationships will help you a lot in the long run and will give you lots of people you can turn to with questions. The Etsy forum is a vast community of Etsy users that will happily answer questions.

    124. Gather customers from the right places.
    It’s easy to get people to view your shop within Etsy if you know how. You can target those people on Etsy, in shops that sell products similar to yours. To do this you can use Craftcount to find shops in your niche. These shops will not only be in your niche but since they are on Craftcount, they will be the top sellers too. Go to their shops and follow their followers. Many of these followers will follow you back. These followers are great to have because you know they are targeted followers. You can follow thousands of people this way and get a steady stream of sales.

    125. Relist, Relist, Relist.
    Relisting your items on Etsy essentially makes it a new item in the eyes of Etsy. This helps it rank better for a short period of time. If you are in a very competitive category the impact of this will be a lot less. However if you sell medium to high priced items relisting for 20c is a no brainer. The value you get for the low cost is a great method for advertising. During sales you can use this method to stay at the top of the search. For holidays like Black Friday we used to have one of our listings renew every 5 minutes and this helped drive thousands of dollars worth of sales on those days.

    Again if you have any questions or comments post them below and we will get a discussion going. I hope this list helps you on Etsy!
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    Yes it still generates plenty of traffic. It really all depends on what you are promoting. Etsy products are still the most pinned items on Pinterest so for Etsy it's great. The key is mass pinning, people post a few pins here and there and expect hoards of traffic but its just not the case. The quality of the pin, it's contents all dictate how many people will click through, its not so much about the group boards, pinning ones products to any boards can help. I notice a lot of people promoting stuff that does not mix well with Pinterest. The only thing I can say to this is that it really depends on what you are promoting. I tend to go the mass marketing rout as opposed to heavily targeting tribes and engagement groups but both methods work and are worth a try.
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  15. Finn

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    Super awesome writeup @William702 - Great to see that gems are still being dropped here on BHW.

    Keep up the excellent work and thanks a lot for sharing this with us!
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  16. Dayaljai

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    Feb 23, 2019
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    Thanks a lot OP for sharing your knowledge with us
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  17. SellOnlineee

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    Jul 8, 2016
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  18. NoHypeNeeded

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    Hey @William702 quick question for you my friend and I'm more than sure you've answered it somewhere so I do apologize:

    My wife has an Etsy Shop and sells handmade items and I was looking through her account and Googling this but couldn't find anything but outdated answers that might not still be the case; can you sell Logos/Flyers/Web Design on Etsy? Is that allowed and/or advisable from your perspective?

    Thank you for any and all help! Truly much appreciated!
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  19. IntoTheWild

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    Thanks for the information.
    Is there any way to pin (pinterest) from Instagram post ?
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  20. William702

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    My pleasure, I hope the info in the thread helps you and your wife with your shop. Yes you can and people make a killing from it. I could show you dozens of shops that sell tens of thousands of items every year on auto pilot. Also you can charge up the arse on Etsy for stuff like that if you are so inclined. just go to Etsy and do a search for any of those types of products and you will see thousands of results. Feel free to send me the link to your shop in a PM and I will give you a quick critique

    My pleasure. To be honest I have no idea but I doubt that Instagram would make it that easy for items to be pinned to a competitors site like Pinterest, I doubt they have a feature like a pin button for it if that is what you mean. It would be a great tool if you could find one, there must be a bunch already.
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