Ideas? Influential literature?!

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    I have an assignment and I'm completing drawing blanks for ideas right now! If you have any input let me know :cool:

    We are assigned to choose one career field and explain how certain types of literature have made an impact or connection with that certain career/field. We need four different works of literature that must be one of the following: Poetry, plays, novels, short stories, memoirs, non-fiction, song lyrics

    Tell me this isn't ridiculous! :p

    Any ideas? I was thinking about using a Police Officer because there are plenty of songs that connect with that (in negative ways mostly, but that's acceptable too!) but I couldn't think of anything else and we must use at least 3 different types of literature (can't use 4 songs..).

    Then I was thinking about a psychologist because I could use some of the works from somebody such as Carl Jung but then I would have to find two other forms of literature that affected this field and I couldn't think of anything.

    Let me know and there might be rewards involved for good answers, lol.
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    i think thats a pretty lame assignment.

    and i like literature!


    how about "Salesman"

    Then you could use the play "Death of a Salesman"
    Maybe "Revolutionary Road"

    You could try "Lawyer"
    They have been mentioned in every piece of literature since the bible.

    Obviously you could try "farmer" and "prostitute" - which are the worlds oldest professions and also mentioned everywhere.