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    Well recently i started a blog in a nice niche, eventough idk anything about the topic i rewrite articles, well i insert 1 keyword per article in the blog but i have a doubt about get high rank in google.

    My plan:

    -Include 1 keyword per article(more?)

    -Basic SEO (title, headers,etc)(recommendations?)

    -Get backlinks
    --->negotiating /buying backlinks
    -->Social links (twitter, rss, facebook, wikis, hubs, blogs, forums,article bases, social bookmarks)(with xgenseo)

    Banner at the top of every single article with cloaked affiliate link.
    AdSense in the right, with more widgets
    A couple of buttons (at the top and at the bottom) for give the reader options to share :)

    What do you think? my post can get index in google first page? i use various softwares(micro niche finder, xgenseo, senuke, wp plug ins for seo, web ceo) any advice about the matter?

    Thx in advance

    Regards, Antonio
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