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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by cheva, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. cheva

    cheva Regular Member

    Aug 22, 2009
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    i thot of i this a couple of hours back hence decide to post to get some feedback...

    so currently my internet money scenario consists of my adult forums.. apart from the things we all have hands in..

    a decent size member base and posts..

    it was down for a bit while i was swtching servers been back for over 2 weeks and have started gettin back on its feet.. slowly will get there..


    so since my market is adult... i was thinking of starting some ewhoring...

    now maybe some other people do what im planning on doin.. but to me the idea is original for the thing i do...

    so basically i find an adult advertiser.. that has cam girls and their profiles...
    (simple ewhore requirement)

    + those profiles are updated regularly with more pics..

    i find a girl from there and promote her as my model..
    make her a myspace or facebook profile

    ok this is the main bit now..

    how my forums r based is every post that is made fetches min of 30 guests.. it might not be too much for some forums.. but some forums not all..

    anyhow.. so.. with her being the model.. i make her own section where after every lil bit. ( havent figuered out the duration )

    i post raunchy pictures of her.. u know jus a couple or whatever.. so this gets the interest of the existing members and the guests..
    for a lil time i jus do this...

    meanwhile.. i try and record a camera session of her..
    ( if this means paying for a month.. i jus might ) but the camera session being around 30 mins or so.. and more or less clean.. plus where she isnt speaking and more typing..

    ok.. so by this time.. alot of members and guests are getting intrigued by this model..
    i continue doing that but i start promoting that this model is going to have a vido chat.. on one of the popular live streaming websites.. so ppl know they dun have to pay and its not a scam :D

    i create that hype for a bit.. while posting pictures of her.. and after i think enough hype is created.. i have that session..

    so that gets people thinking oh yes this is real...
    and then i promote the actual camera website.. or cpa.. or whatever/

    i know all a bit far fletched.. but.. can work
    this also brings me more members... and hopefully if works out well then gets me more cash

    i have done very little ewhoring a lil while back.. so if u dun think it can work or sum suggestions.. it wud be appreciated..

    and there will always be a market for ewhores.. so if u like the idea and want to apply it to ur website.. i really dont mind :)