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    Actually this is something i found out accidentally when I created one of my ac profiles. I noticed that this specific account gets more views in general than my other account. That might be - of course - partly because of the content but I think that another factor is the choice of the name. When i chose that specific name for my ac account i didn't think about it, i just wanted a nice sounding female name. Later on i recognized that i heard that name before and did some research on google and found out that this name is connected with a - lets say - public person / entertainment person. so when i enter my ac writers name in google, my ac profile link comes up at page 2 right on the top. so if people are looking for this specific person, they most likely will stumble upon my ac profile. And most of the people are curious and ask themselves whether this might be the searched for person and will check it out, and chances are high that they will click on one or two articles. I just can say that this account has higher page views than my account with some regular average joe name and I guess that it is partly because of the name/google search results. Now my suggestion is, if you create your ac profile, choose your name wisely and maybe after some public person. Of course you shouldnt take a name like Arnold Schwarzenegger ;) But names of some lesser known celeb, long forgotten child actor, book author, musician etc. that are still common but not too common are a good choice imho. As AC has a pretty high pr chances are high that your writers profile will come up within the first few pages.
    So this is something that can influence your pageviews too :)
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    Good stuff John,

    I can attest to the fact that it does help. I had something similar happen where I had unknowingly named an account after an 80's musician from the "hair band" days. Besides the extra interest generated through online search, I noticed that I had more AC contributers adding themselves as fans.

    Like you said, people need to choose the name wisely though. It can backfire and bring unwanted attention to the account from the "cackling hens", and AC themselves.