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    That's idea looks like dating scam but legal, funny and easy to do and doesn't work, lol

    Hi guys! On this forum I was for about 2 months read only. Now i'll give you some food for mind. Look at shis -> russian internet have old meme "syndrom of c*nt in "from" field". What does it mean? It means that when you enter some chat and ask someone "help me with..." no one will answer you. But when you change your name and write the same with female name they will help you immediately. That's really cool phenomenon. So how to use it? I don't know. Two days ago i was thinking to use it in dating sites with some content locking service. But they will block you if you show deviant activity. You need for example 40 views and 1 download. I think there around great method. You need to say that you're girl from N country (that your service pay more) and job in interest (unique) profession that your victim never heard. So he would be interested in you. Next you'll say that you have troubles with downloading of file and your system administrator (is dead|asshole|drunk|...) can't help you now. But you need to download it to complete work.

    As you understand no one will lose money for this method, no one will do some illegal things. But you'll earn money (if you find some field where to use this method).
    Just think about it. For some countries content locking service pays more than $10 for downloads. So you can earn more than $100 per day. But that's not complete method because that services will ban you after any unusual visitor's behaviour (like 100% conversion). I'm really interested in continuing research in this field (because my wage today less than $2 per hour). If someone interested in joint research please PM me your skype.

    Sorry for my bad English.
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    Ok, you've completely lost me
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    it's a little confusing but basically
    1- sign up on a dating site as a girl
    2- pm guys and say you need help to download a file
    3- put the file behind a content locker
    3a- target countries with high payouts

    old method seen it here before. works so long as your affiliate manager is fine with the quality of traffic.
    the thing is it takes a lot of effort to do a cpa offer just to help a stranger download a file for work. you can twist it saying it's something more intimate.
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    ewhoring discussions are not welcomed here, yes, it's classic ewhoring