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    I have a money making idea and I would like your input please.

    OK, I know of a certain Niche on Facebook where people spend their entire days entering competitions. E.G Like and Share this to be entered.

    So, It got me thinking if I could create a website that listed all competitions available (Outsource someone to do this) and basically have it directly linked to the Facebook page that is running the competition once they click the link. However, I would like maybe every 4th or 5th link to be a content locked one basically where they will have to complete the survey to gain access to the competition. To put a twist on this I could tell them they would be entered into a contest on my own site upon completion of the survey and the more they fill out the more chances they have.

    Now one thing I would really need is a way to have the facebook page open within my website so they don't end up clicking the link to the competition on Facebook, going to that page, doing their thing and then they are on Facebook clicking around having forgotten which site they came from.

    I believe this could work as this particular niche I know of has a high volume of traffic each day with people clicking around Facebook to enter competitions so if I could bring them a one stop website for everything it would be great. Maybe I don't even need a website, perhaps I could make a Facebook page of my own that would bring them the competitions daily.

    Anyway, Thats my idea. Let me know what you think and if you think it would work out.

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