Idea: Black Hat Google Wave


May 22, 2009
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Just throwin it out there.

I'd create one myself, but I'd prefer someone with more authoritah than me handle the particulars.

So far, seems to be an awesome collaboration tool and maybe it's something we should learn -- or eventually take advantage of.
Or maybe invite scams... bwahahahahaha

(For the 20 I just invited, don't worry, I'm not gonna do that to ya. Biting the hand that feeds = BAD)

Already looking at ways to make some cash off of bots and gadgets.

Vast majority of people on Wave are using Gmail accounts, same ID as gmail ... so take [email protected], move to [email protected], let the fun begin
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I'd give your first 8 to yourself under alternicks. Then use the 8x8=64 invites to really up the ante. :)
or try selling inites on ebay,,i heard ppl are selling them on ebay for $50-$70,,wat a waste
There is a BHW group on Gwave. PM me with your wave address if you want to be in it. We talk about BH related stuff and what not, it's really cool.
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