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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by rreeve, Feb 13, 2013.

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    I've been a full-time blackhat for a couple years now and I've made a nice steady income from it using many different systems but I'm starting to think that it would have been much wiser if I spent all these hours developing authority and concentrating on a project with real longevity. Don't get me wrong, I've learnt so much from being blackhat but now I see white at the end of the tunnel I believe this knowledge will serve me well in the future if I do decide to go whitehat.

    Anyway, now that I'm considering investing all my time and energy into a whitehat project, I'd love to hear your opinions on it to see if it's a feasible idea that could make me a lot of money. The project I'm thinking about starting is something that anyone else could do too because it's a business that's focused on your own local area which is why I'm happy to share the idea here and get some feedback.

    I want to make a local/regional website that provides websites and hosting for local traders such as plumbers, carpenters, plasterers and any other local sole-trader even dog walkers. It will be an automated system using the wordpress multi-site features and I haven't decided if it will be monthly or annual membership yet. I plan to use two services to build this local business - WPMUdev (they provide all the plugins and themes to automate this service with many added features that I can charge customers for such as domain mapping and access to plugins) and WHMCS (They provide an excellent client management, billing & support solution that integrates perfectly with WPMUdev)

    As well as providing this website and hosting service, I will also offer a paid directory service for local businesses only which should eventually get good local traffic if the hosting service takes off.

    On top of this, I also plan on starting a local trade publication that I will sell adverting to local businesses and have delivered to homes across the region for free.
    There's also the option of offering a branding service for local traders such as logo design, business cards etc. Especially, for the traders who buy my website/hosting service. Maybe even offering them on online marketing package too.

    All in all, I see it as an idea that has many different ways to monetize it. Of course, it will take a lot of hard work and it will require off-line lead generation as well as online. I've only been thinking about it for a couple of days now and the possibilities have got me quite excited and the great thing about this is it could be potentially repeated in every city around the world so it's a business concept that should never get saturated. Also, I'm thinking it will be much easier to get customers from your local area because this always creates a perception of trust.

    So, what do you think?
    If anyone here wants to steal this idea and do it themselves in their own local area, feel free as there is enough room for everyone to make money doing this. Also, another GREAT thing about this idea is it's still super easy to find an exact match domain for your local area. For example XXXXXtrader.com
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    Sounds like it would require lots of hard work, and in my opinion not worth it. But if you say you have experience, then good luck. Ill just stick to blackhat.
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    Sounds hard and likely competitive, considering there are are tons of sites like it. I'm finding luck marketing roadside assistance coverage locally online and offline. http://www.unitedmca.com if you want info. Otherwise let me know if you need help with your project.