I would like someone with shopify experience...

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    I have a shopify website and I would like to hire someone with experience to fix a couple of things I would like to get done to the site. Only inquire if you have the ability to do these things..

    1.I have the quickview sign on most products. Since I am selling shoes, it wouldn't be right to have the add to cart sign there too (they need to pick the shoe size first). How do I eliminate the add to cart sign that is automatically on the product images without eliminating the add to carts that appear when clicking quickview on the item or viewing it from the product page?
    2. Eliminate the we accept most sign
    3.I know that shopify has a tag system where it shows shop by with different tags but I would like add a tag system like the one that is on this page (sort by, size, color, price)http://www.lolashoetique.com/spring/ to be implemented onto my site.
    4.When I change the background of one page, it does it for all the pages. How can I stop that from happening and change the background of pages individually?
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    Looks like you would need to do some editing in your liquid files. I just got done building a custom store and I have a really good small jobs guy, the ones that shopify recommends. But, if you don't have any experience coding, then this is going to be a major pain in the butt for you. Go shop around the small jobs guys. They are really really good.