I want to know if I was wrong.Could some one help?

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    I am sorry.I am new to SEO.I read a lot of article and youtube.

    For now,I am using RankerX with InstantLinkIndexer and Indexification as indexr.Kontent Machine 3 as article wirter.

    I did some keyword research,my Keyword is in Chinese,because my site is not good ranking in Google even I did on page SEO,so I pick up some easier keyword to rank it to top 1.I saw a post said if I am top 1 on many keyword relate the difficult main keyword,It will easier to do main keyword.

    And then send the backlinks,Premium site as tier 1 linking to Money site.

    The others site I link to the backlinks page with keyword seems links the keyword i choose as tier 2.

    There is no tier 3 because the site can create backlinks only 2000.Tier 1 is about 200,Tier 2 is about 1500.Should I buy some tool to do tier 3,will it useful?I have scrapebox but I found that can't use Chinese keyword.If tier 3 is link is in Englsih will it work?

    And then I use indexr function to sent all links to two indexr.

    If there is any wrong I did? And how long will the backlinks to be indexed.

    I read a post said it only about 60% backlinks will be indexed.

    So do I need to send the tier 2 backlinks everyday?

    And if I want my monysite to be safe,Do I need to create some buffer site to SEO these site instead directly send backlinks to money site?

    And how many buffer site will take some effect,I see a post said buffer site is no longer work.I can do free web 2.0 blog in many site one per a day with human writing article and the keyword links.

    And I can only send 5000 links to one of indexr.

    Could any Black hat master tell me some suggestion,and point me if I am doing wrong?

    If there is any tool I should buy,please tell me and tell me what is it use for.

    Sorry for long post.And my English writing is not good.Thanks for reading if you can help me,it is my honor.