I want to add/start a live cam section on a webpage

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    I don't have a experienced background in coding and web design but I do have some formal education and a lot of self taught exp on computer science. I enjoy computers and the net and like to do things myself.
    On to the subject that I am seeking input on.

    One of my current clients that I do some small graphic design work for mentioned that he was interested in running live cams in areas of his adult club for the dancers to use in between sets, etc...
    I was interested in setting this up for him as I would offer this set up for a service fee and continue to earn $ by getting a cut (%) of the profit made from the cams which he wanted integrated on his current site. (There are probably a lot of different angles here to make money)

    Where to start?
    I looked over some existing sites that offer the adult cam services such as "livejasmin" but those all seem like a rip off, as they want to keep like 60%+ of the profits made off the cams. I would lose a huge edge here on my profit, the club owner and dancers cuts.

    I need to find out what I can do far as setting up the cams, hosting the video on the site (as well as recording the video for reuse), then how to get paid using a payment system to get money from clients who view the cam shows, etc.

    If anyone can direct me to a resource, information, assistance or does what I want to do and can help me out in general. I would greatly appreciate this and we could go from there.