I replyd 200 tweet manually .. got 40 hit , failed with amazon

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by deepakmadhu, Aug 26, 2012.

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    Apr 2, 2012
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    here what i did ,

    first i created a amazon 'astore' for 'ray ban' sun glass, and i search for 'ray ban ' on twitter , and replyed 200 tweet manually ( reply : " Here you can get cheap ray ban glass from amazon LINK >> " ) and i got 40 hit but no sale..

    am realy newbee to amazone affiliet program.. i want to ask you if i did 1000 manual reply can i success with amazon ( i think tweetattacks working like this ? )

    or any amazon reputable success people here i can join with you i can sent 1000 reply can you monetize this ??
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    Aug 21, 2011
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    Twitter is terrible for cpa, so I doubt it would be any better with actual sales. As everyone who's tried using Twitter knows, the conversions are TERRIBLE, the worst conversions in social networking. Ive heard direct messaging works better then just regular replies, or posting the tweets on your account, then going and searching your keyword, and favoriting all the tweets in the "all" section of the search results, because then you show up in the interactions, and they go and view your profile wondering who favorited them, and then they see your tweet about what they just tweeted about, and then click your link. So you have to make sure the tweet u want them to see is the #1 tweet.

    Also, read up on BHW what converts best on twitter, idk if it is sales or cpa or what, but do some research, you can learn a lot from BHW, then execute a stradegy.

    NOTE: Im no Twitter expert, nor do I generate any revenue from it. The only money I made was selling followers when I made the first Twitter follow site in 2008.
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    Yo, you'd need to send tens of thousands of messages before you'd see any decent results. Think about it, there's so many spam on Twitter already, who wants to click buy sunglasses from some random link they got sent?

    Invest your time in something else
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    Your writing style for your message looks a little spam isn't it ?
    What you better can do is search for tweets where people where looking for information about the glass you wanna promote.
    I'm more interested in some one that wanna help me instead of throw garbage on my twitter posts.

    Here is what you do:

    -First you searched to posts where people discus about some glass.
    -After you found a couple you pull out your posts/replays with the follow sentence:
    "Here you can get cheap ray ban glass from amazon LINK >>"

    What you better can do in my eyes is the follow:

    -Find some posts where people ask some help by choosing a new glass/sun-glass.
    -After you find some posts you replay them with something like this.
    "Hi user,
    You where looking for some new glasses?
    I bought last week some new one and this one is cool.
    *insert your link to amazon*
    Maybe is this something for you ;)"

    You can spin this for all niche you want.
    I hope you have learn something today ;)
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    Feb 18, 2011
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    when I tried my custom bot on twitter, I sent 24.000 @reply messages in 24 hours, got 1000 hops to CB and 1 sale of 45,-$ (and couldn't reproduce that the week after). I stopped it, I couldn't justify that amount of pollution for 1 sale.
    I know, many don't care for that thing that they try to make money off, but I think, we should treat the web in a responsible way, when we break things, we can't earn with them.
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    twitter traffic for the most part is terrible

    but when I used to do it this is what I did .....

    Wait for an NFL Game NBA Game - then go to the teams that were playing twitter accounts
    scrape all the followers

    then during the game send them a tweet saying --- Giants Sunday night Game Giveaway - Free Ipad 2 - Enter Email ... link

    so you would have to do - Giants Ray Ban Promotion - 2 hour deal - find it here ... link

    I know this works - but hide your tracks and don't get paid too much money - because the traffic isn't going to convert
    for the advertiser - so like $100-$150 an account and that's it

    twitter is tough - but this worked for me .. cheers
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