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Nov 12, 2011
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Im browsing BHW for more than a year already,
so far im only earning less than $4/day with some image hosting site.
what i need is to earn more than $10 a day with other methods. but the problem is most of the methods here requires good english such as article writings. i have tried so many methods like filehost (Filesonic, wupload etc) but none of them brings me good money.

i read numerous threads here where people got successful by making websites and i really want to be just like them earning 1000+ dollars a month :eek:.. they make a really good and attractive articles and contents.
i can only compose basic and simple english paragraphs/sentence w/c is not effective if i choose to write articles for my websites.. i know how to do HTML only..

btw im from phillippines, a $500 per month is almost double the basic salary you can earn here :) and i can buy lots of good stuff for my school needs and of course my own laptop so i can work anytime and anywhere i go.. :p
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I would keep close watch on the freelancers for hire section here on bhw, might catch a few jobs you could do. Do you have any skills? you could do some fiverr. Your english is pretty good, I know theres tons of call centers in the philipines :)
i only know basic HTML, like making blogger pages...

i dont know what kind of service i will offer on fiverr..
yeah call centers are very popular here they require better english skills
i plan to finish my studies first
before taking my a job.

now i'm trying bee4.biz (works like sharecash) uploaded 1 hack video of crossfire on youtube, but there is a lot of videos with the same topic on youtube and i cant even find my video on the search results so i think its useless to expect downloads from that video.. :confused:
Hmm, English skills are definitely necessary for building content websites without outsourcing article writing.

For now I would definitely focus on improving English up to the point where you can write decent-quality articles, and also I'd try some methods that don't require much content writing. Perhaps you could get into posting CPA offers in work at home forums or something :p
it is hard to improve my english like teh way how people here use it
because it is not my native language..

i got a new idea in my mind,
A youtube method, my only problem is how can i drive people to view my videos?
will youtube ban me if i make multiple accounts to like and comment on my own videos?
I agree with above, I would try some CPA offers. You could try yahoo answers, doesnt take much to do short answers leading to a cpa offer. There are ways to manipulate youtube, I would do a search of the forums.
if you need traffic I would use social networks as they are free. I just bought tweet attacks recently and you could use something like that, I think they might have somewhat of a trial, maybe, not sure. If they do have a trial you could use that to get a little bit of quick traffic. If you need twitter accounts google "Tweet Following" they also have a free trial and a twitter account creator use that make up to 100 accs then spam the hell out of twitter with them when users type in "youtube" or other keywords.
Thought of working in your own language?
Sure the offers will be much more limited, but the market MUCH less saturated.

You might find a huge niche that is beyond your wildest dreams in english is doable in you language.

People in the phillippines have needs that can be fulfilled.
Sure the average consumer might not have much spare cash, but you have people with money that will spend it dont you.

Heres a need that i just identified:

How to learn copywritting in english.

I bet you can find an offer for that, and write about how great it is (write in your language).

Sure this is probably a poor example, but you get the idea.
your english is good already, just keep improving it and you'll be fine.

You need to learn basic HTML and bit of PHP and that's it. You can also use wordpress and just get free cracked theme somewhere if you want to save costs.

What you really need to learn are how to drive targeted traffic and how to create attractive landing page. This, cannot be done in just matter of weeks. You might not earn anything up 6 months. Trial and error is part of learning process.
thank you for your kind words. i will start finding out what suits me and stick to it..
i chose cpa content locking+youtube(LOL the first term related to IM i used:D ) because i find it less complicated compared to other methods, if im not successful im gonna try learning PHP and website making stuffs for more serious CPA offers

after a year of reading this forum as a guest i think now its the time to be part of this community.. thanks for the heart warming welcome people :p

hoping someday i will be the one posting helpful methods for newbies and help them gain financial freedom..
hello people, im about to start IM using paydotcom affiliate
i already chose a niche to start with. my problem is the website address, most of the
site name for my niche is already taken and its very hard to find a good one.. i tried using google keywords for my niche. my question is "what im going to choose from the results? the one with low competition?" need someone to help me with the basics please

can you please tell me the basic things i should know before attempting to make my own site.. thanks in advance
and why do you need good english to bank hard?

hire someone else to write for you? odesk.com
there are sites with all duplicate content that make millions a year.
it's all about link building mate
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