I really Need a seedbox Please clear this doubts!

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    Feb 21, 2013
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    i was very happy when i found that awesome torrent tut by leith
    but i forget i have a limited internet plan yesterday i shared a movie on torrent an in 6 hours it sucks my 8GB high speed data.:(
    and seeding is very expensive for me this way
    so i search a lot in forum for solution so i find a way of seeding trough vps but a lots of people saying for use seedbox in different threads.
    and after that i google seedbox and other things so i found this two websites

    seedmybox com
    dtsleech com

    i will prefer to use a window based seedbox because i heard we have to learn linux command for using linux

    please suggest friends which one is better for seeding torrents and also tell if you know any batter one!
    my budget is--28$:(

    any help will be appreciated thanks!:)