i provide the PVAs(craigslist) and you post

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    I have about 5-13+ PVAs (craigslist) and I can't post them since i don't have any proxies im looking for JV that can provide the proxies and is has good understanding of posting on cl. After i have some proxies i can create more pvas

    I will let you borrow the pva to post your ads and in return you let me use the proxies to make more pvas and post some ads too.

    who this is not for

    newbies-that don't know what cl is or how to profit from it
    scammers- anyone who just takes the pvas and doesn't provide any proxies at all.

    why should i JV with you ?

    I m letting you use the pvas for free and im gonna make more. Also your gonna save some money too.

    What I will not do
    i will not use the proxies for anything else except creating pvas and posting ads.
    scam you
    sell the proxies and make money off it

    no selling or sharing the PVA
    cannot change the password on the account
    only post 1 ad per PVA per day (recommended)
    You do not own the PVA (in the same way that i do not own your proxies)

    Who I would JV with
    someone that has experience with cl
    someone that has is well known to this forum.

    and thats it, if you have any questions or interested in he JV PM me or just leave a reply here and i will reply.