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    hi all
    firstly (sorry for bad english) this is my first post i joined this forum 9 months ago and i read alot of useful topics and tutorials and really this forum is very informative for me but i don't like use fake stuff and cheat people
    i have offline job so i don't have alot of time for im i made some $$ online by designing some logo,banners,etc but my english is not fluent so i can't communicate well with customers and it's not enough and stable source for me since there is alot of competition in this niche
    so skills that i have already :
    -pretty good skills in photoshop and illustrator
    -some html/css basics skills
    -read some seo ebooks and tutorials and knew the basics too
    - can make good videos (at least better than movie maker videos)
    -brain and high ability to learn new things
    are these skills enough for me to make money or there are any skills should i learn?
    need your suggestions
    thanks in advance
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