I need some legit video testimonial advice here.

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    hey guys,

    Kinda stuck on something. Okay so everyone knows you can purchase video testimonials on fiverr. Yeah some don't agree with it but i sold there for a while and made a decent buck. Since then i have launched my own website in the past month for doing my own testimonial services at a higher price. The website turned out pretty good and everything is how i wanted it. I've been marketing for the past week getting some traffic flow but the thought came across my mind to check rules and what not. And knowing that i should have done so before Ive been doing a little research on being FTC compliant with testimonial videos.

    Any advice on my situation? How does fiverr get away with it? Anyone aware of risks with video testimonials?

    I got 2 decisions here. Continue my site and pull them sales in or backout on my 2 months of work and move on the the next project.

    If posting my site below is not within the TOS let me know please lol.

    OrderVideoTestimonials . com

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    What have you decided to do with your site? I'm doing something very similar but I havent thought of being FTC compliant. Learned anything new?
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    Due to he increasing popularity of review sites, and pressure from them to clean up the fake reviews, the FTC is filing suits like crazy - at $250,000 per fake review - and it is rumored that they have created an entirely new division and partnered with Testimonial Shield to fight companies/individuals that intentionally sell fake reviews and testimonials. I'm sure fiverr is already under investigation and the fake review offers will be pulled soon. In the mean time, you're taking a lot of risk b/c when the US gov sets out to let people know they are serious about something, heads roll...