I Need Some Help - Building an Effective Online Community

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    The domain in question has over 100 1500+ word high quality unique articles, a PR3 and ranks in the 4th page for "telekinesis", and on the first page for "how to do telekinesis", and first page for "psionics". We are targeting those interested in occult, fringe, or psychic topics in order to build an online community.

    The domain: psi*on*icsonline.$net

    The problem: We have since taken the forums down due to some issues with changing hosts and phpbb getting an unholy amount of spam. I hope to build an alive and thriving community of individuals in a way that is legal. I dont have any money. I want this to be a domain used to fund the SEO of other websites. I have been trying to make this site relatively profitable(though I am more interested in the community itself), since 2007. It makes about $5/month. It gets about 100 unique visitors per day.

    Skills I have:
    Unix/Bash, HTML5,CSS3,XHTML(extensive), C, PERL, Java(extensive), Minimal PHP(though maybe it is not that hard to pick up), Design Skills(Photoshop),Drupal

    Im interested in mostly high-quality natural links or *relevant* links with low OBL.... Perhaps this is being too strict.