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    Hello to all. I am new in this, but i read a lot of topics lot of time. And still not understand all.
    First, i want to thanks about this forum. It is best, and i learn a lot about seo.

    What i want to know:
    I read a bunch of material about tools for getting backlinks, about 2tier, 3tier.
    What i need to have?
    For submitting: Magic Submitter/UD/SenukeX/ or some other tool. Everyone have favorite tool. But i saw that these tools are most used by members.
    For harvest: Scrapebox, GSA SER?
    Now, what i do not understand.
    First i must submit my website with some of these tools Magic Submitter/UD/SenukeX?
    Then, i export that submitted links and import into scrapebox or gsa and make a backlinks on that submitted links, right?
    So I figured it out. I hope I did not misunderstand you.
    What i need more?

    I read about GSA SER reviews from forum members, there are a lot of errors that are reported. Is it finally arranged that it can be used without problems?
    What about Scrapebox? Most members write that if you use, you will be banned by Google. Tell me what exactly we must look out so do not make a mistake and get banned.

    For example, i used Magic Submitter for start, and have over 400 submits. But, when i go to link manager to see, most of article links when i open in browser contains only Title and link to my website, there is no article. Sam thing with Wiki pages. Only title and link to my website. What i do wrong? Also, there is a lot of profiles link. Did i need ping that too?

    When i check backlink checker, what is result?

    Google Backlinks

    Backlinks 0
    Backlinks (with w w w) 0
    Pages Indexed
    (includes pages of EVERY subdomain, eg. *.mysite ) 120
    Pages Indexed
    (includes pages of ONLY mysite ) 120

    So i am confused. Where is backlinks after 2x 400 submits with two different articles?

    Also, about keyword research. I used adwords google keyword tool. Because i am new in this and do not know what is best and easy.
    I search for some with low competition and 5000 monthly search. How many backlinks i need for first page for that keywords?
    I know that no one can know exactly, but I'm asking for a rough estimate.

    This is questions for now, later i will post more. I hope there are someone who want to help and explain to me.
    I believe there is a lot members like who want to know this.

    Maybe I did not explain all the best and my English is not best, sorry about that.

    Thanks anyway.
    And i am glad because of this forum, there are a lot of experts who share with us their knowledge.
    Thank you guys.
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    May 3, 2010
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    Forget everything you wrote above that pertains to backlinks.

    Now begin to focus on writing or obtaining well written content that is comparable to wikipedia content. Write this good content and optimize your meta info correctly with your keyword. Thats it. Oh and interlink your good content correctly.

    Google will rank your site just fine with this method.
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    Seems like you bought something before you had an idea what you were doing.

    Focus on your website first - organize everything / get some great content and check your onpage work to make sure it is within Google Guidelines.

    Then when it comes to all these tools you don't seem to understand

    Scrapebox -- get footprints for the sites you want to post on - scrape -- import into the software.

    Then select how you want to build your links in Tiers with the available sites and then begin.

    Backlinks don't appear in 2 hours -- it's a process - also you need to not do too many on one day - but spread out over each day so it fits naturally with the age of your site.

    GSA should not be used directly to your site - it should be focussed as Tier 3 / 4 type work.

    Honestly if I was you - I would stop everything right now and learn my tools before you do damage to your site that you won't be able to recover from.
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    Too many links to fast for a new site is bad. Google won't show you those links for awhile (if they actually stick).
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    Too Many questions :) From bottom:

    1. First identify your competition strength. For backlinks checking, you can check backlinks of your competitors from ahrefs and opensiteexplorer and majesticseo. This will help you getting backlinks from same or similar sources.

    2. As you are talking about keywords with very low search volume then I don't there is a lot of competition for it. So you don't need large scale backlinking. It will definitely hurt your site in long run. Because after some weeks/months you will see your created web 2.0 and forum postings are above your own site.

    3. For low competitive keywords, fresh and update content factor can bring your site in top 10 without having large number of backlinks, my experience.

    4. As a service provider I use Scrapebox a lot and it is best tool for scraping, just identify footprints and start scraping with your keywords.

    For backlink indexing, I posted it yesterday on other thread, will copy paste it now:

    Backlink indexing in Google and other backlink checker are two separate things.

    Ahrefs bot is not as strong as Google bot, G bot crawls all page on regular basis while ahrefs ratio is very lower to that one.

    So if ahrefs is not showing the backlinks you created, No need to worry about. Google must have crawled those links as these are put on high PR websites.. Crawling and Indexing are again two separate things... [​IMG]

    Well if you want to confirm that Google has crawled those links or not then you can do it by several methods; if you leaving only link without any anchor then google your link and you will find all pages containing your link, you can also write your link in double quotes to get more accurate results. Second method is a time taking, if you have list of page where you posted your link then you can use Google cache feature. If your link is visible in cached version of that page then it means Google has noticed a backlink for your link.

    I hope it will help :)
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    Hello. Sorry because i didn't answer fast, i was busy. Thank you for all answers, it is good answers. I learn something from it.
    Tell me, for example, i submit manually my website to one submit directory. That is tier1 or? Then i save that link and use GSA SER for backlinking to that link (and that is tier2, 3)? Can you tell me more detailed about how to do. Step by step. You can send me message, too.

    Thanks one more time for answers.
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    Nov 25, 2012
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    Do not be offended, but so many experts and none to share with others. Is it so difficult to take time to answer my questions? I know that there is a search option, but I'd like to get specific answers on my questions.