I need info about remote upload please...


Oct 22, 2011
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1. Hi I looking for a good file hosting to make money with remote upload. I need 2 or more hosts, 1st host is this where I will buy premium and second to make remote from first host and others hosts the same way like second host. Im from Poland, I need fast remote, I try make remote from filesonic (my friend gave me premium), filesonic was 1st host and I make account on others hosts like bitshare, ul.to, fileserv etc and there make remote from my friends account but this is slow and sometimes doesnt work. Is it normal or filesonic is suck? Can you give me some advice?

2. Is there any hostings to make remote on this hostings (I copy host link and I make remote on the same host)? For example Wupload but it doesnt work anymore.
Over 40 views and 0 responds? Please help me, I need this information, I want to start uploading today.
Try webhostdaddy. The subscription is 4$ bucks a month, however if you are planning to download videos from somewhere and upload to filesonic you will need the 6$ subscription, so you can use auto uploader, cause remote upload from webhostdaddy to filesonic sucks. With autouploader a file of 175MB uploads almost instantly :)
I will also prefer that you must try the rapidleech-ready server as its cheaper and also with great speed and effecient service.
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