I need help monatizing my site.

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    Nov 1, 2011
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    Hi guys, i recently built an amazon review blog for these "Top 5 products" and i was driving traffic with Adwords. So far i have spent $5 on a fiverr gig for $600 dollars in vouchers. I spent $200 of that, on about 80 clicks,2 conversions,which is $3.20. I know in hindsight this is horrible. Is my problem that im paying for too much for keywords? I have my max CPC at $2.50. I don't have adsense on it either. Also SEO is out of the question because i copied/pasted the reviews. Im kinda lost on what to do, any advice?


    EDIT: All of my adwords accounts have been suspended:( Any ideas?
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    Try different methods to drive traffic, Seo is not the only option. Social Media,articles marketing,video marketing,classifieds marketing etc.
    Track your traffic source, see which is converting best and try to maximize your revenue.
    All the Best!