I need good affiliate guy asap! For get leads!

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    So for all the leads you get we will give you $5 for each valid lead, the one thing you must understand..is we need geo targeted leads and this is for a lawyer from south florida. so leads must come from south florida region.

    this image actually nails the location of the leads we are looking for -


    however, if we get other types of leads from florida we will also accept, if lead is from south florida, we will give you $5 ....if lead is from outside of south florida or another state, we will give you $3 for that lead.

    Please able to target this south florida region.

    there are many very large cities in this south florida region.....Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, West Palm Beach, Homestead, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, etc... So you can get leasds easily.

    bascially there are three county...miami dade county, broward county, and west palm beach county, any city in this county would be perfect and there are hundreds of city in each county.

    do you feel confident you will be able to get leads? then please shout me up. Once you will get leads then i have confident to you and i can pay you more.

    but all types of leads are ok as long as they are law related, they cannot be fake leads...they must give phone number...and when we must be able to contact them through phone, because we will call leads right away

    Here are some small ads we used in past

    The Law Office of Gregg Pessin, PA is a personal injury law firm located in Miami,
    Florida that specializes in all types of accident and injury cases. Our firm has been
    representing accident and injury victims for over 26 years. Due to our strong reputation
    and successful track record, we have represented thousands of individuals who were
    injured due to the negligence of others.

    Please contact us today for a free consultation to answer any questions about your case. To contact

    us by phone, (305) 476-7767, to contact us by email, [email protected].

    Se habla espanol

    Have you been injured in an accident? Whether it?s a car accident, slip and fall, work injury, or

    another type of accident, call us immediately to discuss your legal rights. Time is of the essence.

    If you are permanently injured, you are entitled to a pain and suffering award under Florida Law.

    Call us today for a free consultation so we can discuss getting the compensation you deserve.
    Se habla espanol
    Call us at: (305) 476-7767
    Or visit us at: http://www.pessinlaw.com

    And tell me how long do you think until leads will start coming in?


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    Please shout me asap on skype: sk.santy

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    This offer sounds very interesting to my ears, I'm sending you a message now, to ask for further details. Thank you