I need an autoapprove edu list

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    I willing to pay someone to send me an autoapprove edu list, but it shouldn't be spammy so an low amount of outbound links. Also it shouldn't be shared before, I need it fresh.

    I'm looking for atleast a list of 500 unique URL's, preferable many unique domains too.

    It should be:
    * At most 30 outbound links, less is better.
    * Atleast 500 unique URL's
    * Autoapprove
    * Atleast 50 URL's with PR higher than 3.
    * Some do-follow, just to get a mix.

    I use scrapebox, if you wonder. But my connection isn't the best so I'm willing to pay for the work instead.

    The price will be discussed as I'm not sure yet.

    PM me with your offer and also contact details (email) as I'm not allowed to PM just yet.

    I will update in the thread when a deal is closed.

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