I need advice to start.

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    Dec 31, 2011
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    Hello ppl, as the title says i wanna start making money online with CPA(Strongerads)+content locker+Youtube.

    But before I begin, I would like to know your advises theres is the idea.

    - Buy a domain .com associated with celebrities.
    - Make a website with fake news about a very famous person.
    - Put a video imagen (Only imagen with " Play button in the middle ") about the famous and lock it with my content locker.
    - Make a video about my web page and upload it to youtube.
    - Get views with vagex.
    - Then when the ppl wanna see the video the content will show the offers
    " make and a FREE offer below to watch the full video "

    What you think guys? any advise?
    Best regards.