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    I am in the internet marketing for two months,I have learned a lot of things on this market ,I have some sites , I work with best cpa networks,adwords ,I have tried some internet marketing methods learned here on also bought some courses .
    I have tried , SEO, ppv,ppc , youtube uploading ,article marketing,ehoring ,but I really dont have any notable results , I have spended a lot money and time but I dont have no notable results , I have a lot of time ,I am dedicated full time for this activity ,I not really noob on technical stuff I know html ,php, java,basic seo ,wordpress,making videos ,torrents,etc....

    What I really need is a solid method to make at least 30-50$ /day with CPA ,I have 'my own sites ,aweber account,a content locking script' , a method that really is working ,I read a lot of methods on this forum on others forums but they are incomplete or outdated .
    I konow that the good information is not free but , I bought so many unleess Courses ,wso ,and I very disapointed ,But if could help me with a good working method here I will share my profit with you if is need.
    I really need results and I am open to try any working method that brings me 30-50 $ /day .

    Escuse my english is not my native language ,

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    PM me mate... Let's discuss potentials.. Thanks