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    I'm a new member of the Blackhatworld forum and a noob, I'm trying to improve my acknowledge, but there is way too much to learn and I feel a bit lost.

    My idea is to improve the views of my youtube videos (my youtbe account was made with my real IP and personal data, it could be a problem?) by advising people following the ACT-SPAM rules.. there is a way to make this happened without going in trubles?

    As far as I understood reading some posts, is that I need an offshore vpn (Currently I only have tunnelbear)with tor browser, then scrapping lists of emails with proxies (I can only afford pubblic proxies right now), build a wordpress blog for posting my YT videos, and send my advising emails with mailchimp paying attention to follow the CAN-SPAM rules.

    And last but not least, since I don't live in the us I should rent a P.O box for my physical address right?

    I hope that some kind soul will answer and help me. Thanks :)
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    Your main YT account must be in safety if you don't use it for something illegal.
    And here's the whole YT subforum that can be useful for you.