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    I need an SEO expert to become a partner with me on a fashion website. The website is similar to hypebeast.com, but it is carved in a unique niche no one else is targeting right now. I know the guys who run Hypebeast.com and the website is making over 700K in adverting per year. I want to increase traffic so I can I approach advertisers and start making money from ad sales. I have good connections with brands that would want to market on my website if I had the right traffic. I would not be able to pay you but I would bring you in as a partner and split the revenue 50/50. I manage the site and provide the content and build the brand, you bring traffic to the site. I need white hat SEO no black hat techniques, I don't want to be banned from Google, and I need page views from real visitors because eventually an online store would be created on this website (i would split the profit with you on that as well) and we all know bots don't buy merchandise. So if you want in on this send me a PM or email me at: baransolutions (at) gmail (dot) com

    I will give u more info
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    Hi, I don't think you truely know what you're looking for. A hybrid approach of WH&BH will not only avoid you from getting ban/sandboxed but you will dominate the serps as well.

    I'd be willing to take a look at your site. I generally don't do revenue shares but, depending on how much traffic you're getting now I might be interested.

    If you want to talk business PM me with your skype ID.