I need a scraper and a bot and a database, (full package)

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    Jul 12, 2010
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    i need a scraper for e=tsy.com take out the + :)

    basically i want to collect the urls of the users, you could call it their ID. i can show the person how it can be done. i just need a bot to do it as i cant spend the next 50 years of my life cutting and pasting them one by one.

    after that is done there are other things i will need done, like a program that i could upload 1000 of these ids to at a time for it to visit when logged into my account and then pressing a button on their profile.

    its all easy stuff and i have been able to bot much of it with an imacro so i know it can be done, its just that i need some way of knowing what profiles i have done it one so that i dont repeat it. so i know i need to be able to get all the ids to begin with or a program that will do that for me and sort them so that i know its not duplicating it, there are also many other features i want.

    i would like it to collect a whole bunch of info from their profile such as things like when they joined, bday etc, it will help with my promotion.

    above all else there is a section of the site where it lists people, on that section there is about 20 people per page and tens of thousands of pages, however there will be a lot of dulicates so this is why i need these features.

    I dont have a lot of money but am of course willing to pay so i need some very clever person who is able to work for a fair price. also i may be able to do a trade if you want. i have thousands of targeted niche facebook pages. totaling over 13 million members in them all and they are all really active etc. i would be willing to trade a page or two or something along those lines, or make updates and send messages out so that you get a few thousand people join your facebook page. i would be more than happy to trade thousands even tens of thousands of fans to pages for this program. so please feel free to pm me

    also i guess i am going to need a database driven front end that i can upload spreadsheets of collected data to so that i dont have to scroll through millions of rows on excel, so if that can be made or you are someone who can do that part and not the scraper then i still want to hear from you.

    in fact i would rather deal with a separate person for all aspects

    anyway please pm me, if you cant pm just post in the thread and i will pm you with details.